Dear Friends of Our Lord Jesus Christ and His Church and His Mother!

The above Special Edition (just click on the photo above) in English is a compilation of the history of the Enemy's work to annihilate  Our Lord's Redemptive Act of Dying on the Cross to Re-Open the Gates of Heaven which coincides with the Enemy's work of not only mutilating and desecrating, but then attempting to totally eliminate the Catholic Holy Sacrifice of the Mass aka the Unbloody Sacrifice of Christ on the Cross from the entire world!

To truly understand what is happening to the entire world right at this moment and most especially since the Wuhan fiasco that turned universal, one must read and remember and understand the History of not only the world but the Catholic Church!!!  Then and only then, will we be equipped to not only accept the coming Chastisements that are around the corner for the entire world but also offer these sufferings to Our Lord and Our Lady in reparation for the past, present and even future sins of the world!  We must offer our sufferings for the conversion of sinners-  And don't we see these very sinners in ourselves, our children, and grandchildren, our relatives...our friends...our neighbors????

This has been one of the most difficult pieces to read for this author...but I read it several times over before I have posted this to you... Truly it is a must read for every serious Catholic who wants to save his soul and that of his family!!!

Please at least read this 1st Page here below as our dear Fr. Luigi Villa's work was meant to help us all!!!!

God bless you all!!!

In Jesus and Mary

The Apostolate of Or Lady of Good Success