This website has been designed and developed with the main purpose of propagating devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary under the glorious title of Our Lady of Good Success. It has been constructed in thanksgiving for numerous favors received from Our Lady of Good Success. This site is a labor of love for Our Lady, Our Mother and Our Queen.

For many centuries, particularly in Spain, the Blessed Virgin has been invoked under similar titles. Women would invoke Our Lady under such titles as Our Lady of a Happy Deliverance to ensure a safe delivery. In the 1600’s, Our Lady stated to a Conceptionist sister, Mother Marianna de Jesus Torres, that it was her wish to be known to the Conceptionist convent, Quito and the rest of the world as Our Lady of Good Success. She explained that she would be made known under this specific title during the 20th Century. She foretold that the Church would be in a state of crisis at this time. She asked to be invoked as Our Lady of Good Success. Our Lady of Good Success promised she would grant all requests asked for during this tragic period in the Church's history.

Our fondest hope is that Our Lady of Good Success along with Mother Marianna de Jesus Torres will be known and loved by all true Catholics that are struggling to keep the Faith and are searching for the Truth.

May Our Lady of Good Success soon triumph and bring us all Good Success as we work and pray for the restoration of our beloved Catholic Church!

God Bless You!

Que Dios te bendiga!
Daniel and Kathleen Heckenkamp