Nuestra Señora del Buen Suceso -- Our Lady of Good Success

400 Years -- February 2, 1611 to February 2, 2011

The 400th Anniversary of the Consecration of the Miraculous Statue of Our Lady of Good Success

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Our Lady of Good Success personally invites you to participate in the 400th anniversary of the Consecration of the miraculous statue. Since February 2, 1611, this devotion of Our Lady of Good Success in Quito, Ecuador has spread worldwide – most especially during the 20th and 21st Century-- making it an International Marian Devotion.

In 1611, the bishop of Quito, Bishop Salvador de Ribera demonstrated his ecclesiastical approval of this beautiful and timely devotion. He ordered a solemn public nine-day novena starting on January 24th and asked many well-known preachers from different monasteries all over Quito to join in the novena at the Church of the Immaculate Conception to offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and give a sermon.  The novena concluded with a great celebratory Mass on February 2nd, the Feast of Candlemas and Solemn Consecration of the Statue with Holy Oils as: “Mary of Good Success of the Purification or Candlemas.”

At the close of the consecration, the good bishop bestowed upon Our Lady of Good Success the keys of the cloister and the crosier into the hands of the miraculous statue with great reverence and honor, invoked her saying:

"My Lady, I deliver to Thee the Church…
My Lady and my Mother, I deliver to Thee my soul. Open to me the doors of Heaven, for the life remaining to me is quite brief…
Queen of Heaven and Earth,
Thou who dost remain in
Thy sanctuary governing Thy beloved flock,
do not forget Thy poor children
who are pilgrims on this earth,
exposed to falls at every step.
Let Thy arm sustain us
and let the sweet love of
Thy maternal Heart console us
in our deep tribulations."

On this 400th anniversary of this holy consecration, we ask you to join us in repeating this prayer of the bishop of Quito and ask Our Lady of Good Success for her continued protection and assistance in the years ahead which may be trying.

As well, we ask all of you to help us support the Conceptionist Monastery chosen by Our Lord and Our Lady as Instruments to avert the wrath of Divine Justice that the inhabitants of this world justly deserve due to the general corruption of society, the great apostasy, and hatred of God in these times that are causing numberless sins to be committed.

Our Lady of Good Success stated in her last apparition of December 8th, 1634 to Mother Mariana:

"Here in this, my beloved Convent, I will have souls in which Jesus Christ -persecuted, hated and proscribed by this ungrateful land in the 20th century will take His delight…They will be the shield to prevent Divine Justice, so ready to chastise the horrendous crimes of their guilty brothers, for whom they will offer themselves as continuous victims…This devotion will be the lightning rod placed between Divine Justice and the prevaricating world to hold back God's Hand from unleashing the formidable punishment that this guilty earth deserves…”

"Woe to the world should it lack monasteries and convents!  Mortals do not comprehend their importance, for, if they understood, they would do all in their power to multiply them, because in them can be found the remedy for all physical and moral evils...”

"No one on the face of the earth is aware whence comes the salvation of souls, the conversion of great sinners, the cessation of great scourges, the production and fertility of the lands, the end of pestilences and wars, and the harmony between nations.  All this is due to the prayers that rise up from monasteries and convents.”

In addition, Our Lady promised that there would ALWAYS be victim souls in this convent until the END OF TIME who would be ready and willing to offer themselves for the salvation of sinners! Would it not then be meritorious to our souls and the souls of our loved ones to support a monastery such as this?  The Conceptionist Sisters always promise to pray for the intentions of their benefactors.

There is even an extraordinary promise from Heaven for those who support the Conceptionist Convent.  In the final apparition of 1634, Our Lady explained to Mother Mariana about the vision she was beholding of the three archangels carrying various gifts.  Our Lady stated that special rewards are promised to those who assist the Monastery of the Immaculate Conception and await them in Heaven for their virtuous efforts. They would be marked with a sign of glorious distinction in Heaven:

“… the tunics are also for secular and regular Priests, and seculars of both sexes, who, loving my Most Holy Son and Myself with simple and upright hearts, also love this Convent of our predilection, and, disregarding criticism and scorn, they strive for its conservation and dedicate themselves to propagating my cult under the consoling invocation of Good Success, which will be the sustenance and safeguard of the Faith in the almost total corruption of the 20th century.”

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