This is Salm Vincent. He is two years old and lives in the Philippines with his mother. Vincie’s family is devotedly Catholic. His mother, Maria Grace, grandmother, Esther and aunt, Linda believe they were blessed with a miraculous cure of Vincent through the all of the prayers of the devotees to Our Lady of Good Success.

This is their story:
Vincent was sick with a very high fever and diagnosed with double pneumonia in the beginning of May, 2005. He was taken to the hospital where the doctors declared that his case was very serious. He was in the hospital for two days when Aunt Linda called us here. She asked us if we could pray for Vincie because everyone was so worried about him. They were afraid he might die. Linda asked if we could send out an urgent email prayer request to everyone on our list. We did. The very next day Linda called and explained to us that Maria Grace had called her mother and told her that Vincent was completely well and discharged from the hospital. The doctor said “He is fine!” Linda was calling to thank all of us and asked us to post this story on the website as a testimony to Our Lady of Good Success. We agreed it would be a wonderful story.

However, this is not the end of this story….talking with Esther, Vincent’s grandmother and Linda, we realized how much we needed to continue to pray for this family. Grandmother Esther lives in California and supports this little family in the Philippines. Her daughter who is a single mother takes care of Vincent. Grandmother Esther has worked hard for many years to give them what they need to survive. Sad circumstances surrounded the birth of Vincent with a broken engagement and abandonment by Vincent’s father. During Maria Grace’s pregnancy, friends even pressured her to abort Vincie. She remained deaf to their pleading. Despite the fact that the father of Vincent had abandoned him before he was born and has not given any support, his family has repeatedly harassed Maria Grace. They have been trying to gain custody of this darling little boy by saying she is an unfit mother. For over 10 years, mother and daughter have been trying to be united once again. Bureaucratic paperwork holds up Maria Grace and Vincent’s arrival into the United States. Presently, Esther is recovering from cancer. They fear time will run out before they can be reunited again. They ask your continued prayers for another miracle from Our Lady of Good Success so that they may be a family once again and quickly! Please continue to pray for Vincent, Maria Grace, Esther and Linda that their prayers may be finally answered!

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