Our Lady of Good Success in Madrid, Spain

Official devotion to the Blessed Mother under the title of “Buen Suceso” or Good Success began in 1606.  Two Minim Brothers were traveling on their way to Rome to get approval of their order from Pope Paul V when suddenly a fierce lightening storm arose.  Finding themselves without shelter and fearing that the end of their lives was at hand, the brothers prayed that God would at least mercifully grant them a peaceful place to expire.  Unexpectedly, they saw a light far up in the mountainous cliffs. Taking this as an answer to their prayer they hastened over the large rocks and hills to the spot where the light was originating. On reaching this place they found a cave. Inside of this cave was a shrine that held a magnificent statue of Our Lady. This hallowed ground was decorated with beautiful sweet-smelling flowers and illuminated in such a way that this cave glittered as if numerous lights had been lit. The brothers rejoiced at this beautiful sight. Asking for a happy death they found instead their lives spared and a miraculous place of refuge to rest until the storm had past. This is the very first example of the generosity of the intercession of the Mother of God under the title of “Good Success”. These religious were so very anxious to take this statue with them for protection since they recognized its miraculous quality. However their conscientious natures would not allow them to leave this countryside until they were certain that this statue did not belong to anyone. So they inquired across the land and found that no one had ever heard of this statue or shrine that they had been so blessed to discover. Hurrying off to Rome with their prized possession, these Minims praised God for such a find!

On arriving in Rome, their anxiety increased. They feared that their order would not be approved by the Pope. They had recourse to Our Lady –pleading with her to grant their request. Pope Paul V upon hearing the story of the marvelous events of their journey and seeing the exquisite statue of Our Lady and the Infant Jesus,  knelt before the statue and placed his pectoral cross around her neck.  The Holy Father asked to embrace this statue. As he kissed her, he exclaimed,

“Look Brothers! She is smiling! Why does she smile so? What good success you have had on this journey! There is no doubt that Our Lady has deigned to protect and support you in your work. Therefore it will not be me that will go against Her.  May all of your desires have good success!”

He then blessed it and christened her “Our Lady of Good Success”. He commanded that devotion to her should be immediately propagated. Thus the friars and the statue made their way back to Spain, where the statue was eventually taken to Madrid. At once the statue became renowned for its numerous miracles. Presently, the statue resides in the Church of Buen Suceso in Madrid.


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