Carmen Alto Picture Gallery

Carmen Alto, once the home of St. Mariana of Quito, “The Lily of Quito”, is now the residence of  one of two houses of Carmelites in Colonial Quito. These Carmelites have lived here since 1653.  These good sisters are very poor in spirit.  They make some income by selling baked goods, candies, herbal tonics and remedies for the local people.  In recent years the convent has fallen into disrepair.  It is a very large piece of property to keep up.

This is truly a religious house that has the true religious spirit.

If you have any wish to offer help in the way of monetary donation please send a check to the Apostolate and indicate that you would like to have it given to the Carmelites of Carmen Alto.

Throughout the centuries, these Carmelites have held fast to their rule. Schedule

They pray regularly for the members of the Apostolate.

Because their buildings hail from the 1500 - 1600’s, their convent is sorely in need of restoration.

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