Dear Friends,

On the last day of October 2022, I was playing in our backyard with my grandson and he begged me over and over to join him into his playhouse and slide.  So hesitantly, because of my age and lack of coordination, I climbed up into his little playhouse.  We played house for quite awhile and then it was time to leave. He insisted that his "Gigi" go down the slide with him.  Well it was not very high so I decided that I could manage it.  So down we went. However, as I mentioned before I am lacking coordination and balance, so sadly I did not land on my feet but rather on my backside. Then I struggled to get up and I fell backwards against the edge of the rim of the slide.  These two impacts were very painful and I ended up having a truly serious injury - the herniation of my disc or discs - this did not manifest on that day, but later in the week. I am not sure what was the last straw that caused my back to finally give way.  All I know is that I started have excruciating pain in my back running all the way down my leg.  I ended up having to be on bedrest and walked with a limp when I did walk.   I went to the doctor and also chiropractor for x-rays and an acupuncturist for healing.  There were no broken bones so I decided I would tough it out. My quest for recovering has been rather long at least for me.  Healing at my age takes much longer as our stem cells at this age are almost non-existent or dormant.

In December of 2022, I reinjured my back a few times as a result of my motherly reflexes kicking in to recover and reach for things that I had dropped.

I thought that I had bad pain before, but this was way over the top and at this point I resorted to taking a 6 day regimen of prednisolone which I had previously managed to avoid. (As a result of this horrible reinjuring of my back that caused a physical collapse, my husband got a bad case of shingles on his head and left eye due to his worry about me!)

Then, a good merciful soul who worked with my health practitioner heard about my plight and came right over and offered me a natural treatment to bring down my pain and help me to sleep.  It was a non-transdermal patch called Ice Wave that has a lattice of salt, sugar and amino acid crystals that reflect your own light (infrared) back into your body to help your body work on its own issues.  Because I am so against most of the medications offered to us for pain etc. both over the counter and prescription, I was excited to try this natural product.

On the first application, my pain immediately was reduced by 80-90%.  I was thrilled and used these patches through the worst part of my recovery along with the natural sleep patches called Silent Nights which helps your body make its own melatonin. I continue to use Silent Nights daily at night. 

As my pain reduced and I began to feel more like myself which happened to be about a month later in January, I decided to look at this company that made these patches to repay by friend. My friend who gave me these patches, told me that this company called LifeWave had other patches, but the one that I should definitely look at was X39 that stimulates your body through Phototherapy to activate and rejuvenate your own stem cells so that your body can heal properly. Once again, these patches are non-transdermal - which means that nothing is transmitted to the body via these patches. I decided to try these X39 patches to aid in my recovery. I began using these patches daily at the end of January in hopes to rebuild my discs and heal.

 I have worn these patches daily - 12 hours on and 12 hours off- ever since. Fast forward to the present day, April 2023, I am now walking normally without a cane.  I walk daily at least 30 min a day and I am continuing to make progress.  Most days I have little or no pain and I attribute this mainly to the rapid healing that these little X39 patches. I have been able to return to most of my daily routine.

As I know so many of my friends are in my age range and suffer from various ailments or injuries, I felt that it would be wrong - almost sinful - not to share this information with all of you! So I am sharing this with you in hopes that you may be relieved too of your pain and suffering as I was. 

Additionally considering what has taken place since 2020- the past three years with the C19, I believe all of us should try to reset our stem cell activity to a more active state so that we can heal along with repairing our DNA which this X39 helps our body to do! These little patches are helping so many people's bodies rejuvenate, repair and recover from a variety of issues.

Please click on the X39 photo below to watch a short informational video. You may call me at 262-347-5380 and I would be happy to answer any questions that you might have about LifeWave. I also offer 3 complimentary patches for you to try if you just ask! Just give me a call! 

This link below is an explanation of this therapy and it is also my LifeWave website:







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