Is Our Lord Calling us to be Defenders of God's Holy Name
Ambassadors to Our King for Our Country?



The Holy Face of Jesus from the image of Veronica's veil
(The veil is kept in St. Peters Basilica, Rome.)

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Overview of the Holy Face Cross
Taken from the Manual of the Arch-confraternity of the Holy Face, 1887:
VI. — Cross of the Arch-confraternity
The Arch-confraternity, having its center in the archiepiscopal city of Tours where it had its origin, adopts as a principal sign of decoration for its members a cross with two arms arranged in the manner shown in the engraving given above; on the center of one of its sides is inscribed the monogram of Christ surrounded with the words: Pius IX. 1847, and upon the arms of the cross: Sit Nomen Domini Benedictum; on the obverse is seen engraved, on the center, the Holy Face, above which is the inscription of the Cross : INRI, and beneath : Vade Retro, Satana.
The associates are advised habitually to wear this cross as a safeguard; during pilgrimages and at public ceremonies, it is well to have it placed where it can be seen on the breast.

The Arch-confraternity is an army.

The cross, such as it has been described, is its standard; let us wear it with confidence; it will help us to conquer our enemies and to repair our losses.
But it is not absolutely necessary that the cross should be worn; according to the rule, it may be replaced by a medal or a scapular of the Holy Face.

From "The Golden Arrow", pages 134-135

Revelation of February 2, 1844, Feast of the Purification

Our Lord offers a promise of pardon in view of the efforts made to spread the Reparation. He further designates Saint Michael, Saint Martin and St. Louis, as the special patrons of the Work, and asks that the members wear a cross, and band themselves together as "Defenders of God's Holy Name."
"Finally, our Lord told me that He desired each member of the Association to wear a special cross, and that on one side of this cross should be engraved with the words, "Blessed Be the Name of God," and on the reverse side should be the words, "Begone, Satan!" To all those wearing this holy cross
Our Lord promised a special resourcefulness to conquer the demon of blasphemy, adding that every time one hears a curse, he should repeat the two short inscriptions written on each side of the cross, and he will thus overcome the evil one and rendered glory to God."

Taken from "The Life of Sr. Marie St. Peter  of the Holy Face"

"That He would give to this heavenly device [Holy Face Protection Cross] a secret virtue to combat against the demon of blasphemy ; that every time a member heard a blasphemy uttered, he should repeat the words written on this cross, and in this manner to wage war against Satan, thus glorifying God.&quot."; Our Lord manifested to me, that the devil would make use of every means in his power to crush this work from the beginning. I felt as though I could shed even the last drop of my blood for so holy an association. Our Lord told me also that he had said nothing to me for a long time, because it was not necessary; that He did nothing undesignedly, but that it was expedient to give me this information today. He called my attention to the difference existing between the Association of France and that of Rome, on account of the violation of the Lord s Day.
O! if we could know with what joy He looks upon this infant association, we would hasten to satisfy the long cherished desire of His Heart, by enrolling ourselves under the standard of this glorious militia, of which He is the Commander-in-chief, to fight with the arms of His cross against the enemies of the Holy Name of God, and to submit them to His sway by rallying them under His standard."
(pg 181-182)

 Sr. Marie St. Peter writes about her conversation with Our Lord who desires to make an army of Defenders of God's Holy Name on  February 26, 1844. (pg. 185) 

"Our Lord," writing  to the Mother Superior, "desires most ardently that the Work of Reparation be established, as He has given me to understand. I seemed to hear my Divine Jesus from the recesses of the tabernacle address us these words :

'Ye, my friends and my faithful children! Behold if there be any sorrow like unto my sorrow! My Divine Father and My cherished spouse, the Holy Church, are despised, outraged by my enemies. Will no one rise up to revenge me by defending them against those enemies? I can no longer remain in the midst of an ungrateful people: behold the torrents of tears that flow from my eyes! Can I find no one to dry them, by making reparation of honor to the glory of My Father, begging of Him the conversion of the guilty?'


Are We to Become Ambassadors to Our King
for Our Country?

It is interesting to note that within the same paragraphs, Sister St. Peter continues on about how she believed that Our Lord wished her to become an ambassador for France. If this is true, and He wishes us to be Defenders of His Holy Name, could it not be also true that He desires His friends to act as ambassadors - each one- for their own country?:
"Such are the sentiments, Reverend Mother, with 
which God fills my soul, causing it to experience this interior pain which the Heart of Jesus glorified can no longer suffer. If a king or even an ambassador be despised or set at naught by a foreign nation, his countrymen fly to arms, the honor of the king must be avenged ; troops are levied and the death of thousands is counted for naught. And yet, the most holy and terrible Name of the God of armies, of the King of kings is despised and blasphemed ; His holy Day profaned by an infinite number of sinners, and no one is concerned, no one thinks of avenging Him!

But behold ! Our Lord Jesus Christ, the Ambassador from the Kingdom of Heaven, demands reparation of honor for His Divine Father, or proclaims war against us, for He has threatened France with His wrath. Shall we hesitate in our choice ?"
After perusing these soul-stirring apostrophes [quotations?], these burning ejaculations, we are over-awed and we ask, what would have become of France, if the desire, communicated to the servant of
God, had been publicly manifested and immediately fulfilled ? Would the entire world have witnessed the misfortunes with which we have since been deluged? Would we have had to fear the evils which still menace us today ?

Our Lord inspired me to present myself before Him in the name of France, to receive him in the kingdom of my heart, and to offer him my communion in a spirit of reparation for the crimes of which our nation is guilty. After having received this Divine King, I prayed most earnestly for France ; then He communicated Himself to my soul, telling me that He charged me with the salvation of France, and constituted me His ambassadress to make a treaty of peace with Him ; also that I should remain humbly prostrate before him in the most Blessed Sacrament of the altar, praying for France and for the establishment of the Work of the Reparation. Then He counselled me to reflect well on the obligations of the office He imposed upon me ; for when an ambassador withdraws from a kingdom, it is received as a sign of war.
Our Lord gave me to understand that I must not voluntarily withdraw from His presence in the most Blessed Sacrament, but that I should remain there in spirit in the name of France. Then I answered : My Lord, I have given myself entirely to thee for the fulfillment of thy intentions, do with me what thou wilt . And I prostrated myself, adoring the designs of God who makes use of what is most miserable and despised to perform his works : I accepted the charge which he imposed on me, praying Him to render me fit to accomplish His designs over me, and to fulfill them Himself in me."

I have applied myself for several days to adore Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. On quitting the choir to resume my occupations, I leave my heart at the feet of my good Savior, and in whatsoever part of the house I am engaged, I try to keep in his divine presence. This is the nature of the spiritual exercise which he demands of me at present ; he wishes me to remain there at his feet, praying in the name of France." The Divine Master lent a favorable ear to the humble prayers of his servant ; he revealed to her the heinousness and enormity of the sin of blasphemy. " It seems as if Our Lord said to me : You cannot comprehend the abomination of this sin : if my justice were not restrained by my mercy, the guilty would be destroyed in an instant ; even inanimate beings would feel my vengeance, but I have an eternity in which to punish the wicked,"; Then he made me understand the excellence of this Work of Reparation ; how far it surpassed all others, and how pleasing it was to God, to the angels, the saints and to our holy Mother the Church. Oh ! would that we could understand the glory we could obtain by repeating these words : "MIRABILE NOMEN DEI." (Admirable is the Name of God) in a spirit of reparation for blasphemy !"; A short while after, she wrote the following :
" You are aware that Our Lord, some time ago, directed me to pray for France, telling me to guard the sheep, of whom He was the Shepherd ; that He chose me on this day to be His little shepherdess, giving me His mysteries and His most holy life for my domain ; that I could draw forth grace from His divine wounds for his sheep. In fine, that He gave Himself to me as a mine of gold wherewith to pay the debt which France owes to His divine justice, permitting me to draw on the treasury of His Sacred Heart. Then Our Lord gave me to understand, that I must be careful not to act as did the unfaithful servant of the Gospel, who made no use of his talent ; that

Work He would demand of me a rigorous account, and that I would find no difficulty in drawing from the mine of gold, which He Himself had acquired by His labors and sufferings. I believe that He desired to find someone who would become a mediator between Himself and France, in order that He might extend to it His mercy."
During this interval, the sister had had much to endure, for God did not spare her ; interior sufferings were to prepare her to accomplish his work : her mind was at times overspread with darkness, and in the face of her arduous mission she was confronted with the experience of her own weakness and incapacity.
"This work," said she, (June 6, 1844) "is in me as a burning fire which causes me to suffer more or less, according to the good pleasure of God. During prayer I never cease begging of the Lord to spare France, to establish in all her cities the Work of Reparation, and to raise up apostolic laborers to preach this work."
Thou dost behold, my sweet Jesus, how poor and miserable I am ; I implore thee to, give all that I am now suffering to some soul more courageous than I who will render thee more adequate service.  
Once, however, Our Lord caused her to feel His presence for nearly two hours.   "During this delicious repose, I thought I heard his sweet voice say to me : Courage and confidence, my child! Courage and confidence! Engrave these words on your heart. Oh! if you only knew the advantage you derive in supporting 
these sufferings, you would thank me for sending them to you! I have come to visit you but not to remain with you in a sensible manner. You will partake of my chalice, but be consoled ; although you behold me not, still I shall not be far from you, for I will hold the chalice while you drink therefrom. After this trial, I shall send you consolations ; you have justly merited these sufferings by your infidelity ; however, it is not in anger, but in mercy that I send you such trials."
I then took the liberty to ask him if the crown which I made in honor of his Name and of his holy mysteries was agreeable to him.
He replied : All that is done to glorify me is most agreeable.
He counselled me to
practice this exercise when I would be incapable of mental prayer." (pg.199-200)
One day, during meditation, my good Master warned me of the rage of Satan because of this devotion, and at the same time gave me to understand these words : I give you my Name to be your light in darkness and your strength in battle. Satan will make use of every means in his power to annihilate this work from the very outset : but the most Holy Name of God
will triumph and the angels will gain the
victory." (page 154-155)

"The Devotion of the O Holy Face emanates from that of the Sacred Heart, the one is the complement of the other. In the order of the designs of the Divine Master, his faithful disciple was to be conducted to the intimate recesses of his most amiable Heart, before being initiated in the
mystery of Reparation by means of His dolorous 

(page 122)

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