Dear Friends,

[ed. note: some words are deliberately misspelled to avoid censorship]

Please join us in the Christmas Novena above with the intention to pray for Divine Intervention to stop the Satanic World takeover!

 Many years ago, we discovered Father Luigi Villa.  The question we posed to Fr. Villa was: "How and when will the Crisis of the Church be fixed?  "What can be done?"  

Fr. Villa's response was: "Humanly speaking, there is nothing that can be done except to work and fight to move the Hand of God so that He will intervene!"

I have never forgotten this message and that is why since 2008, we have worked to make Fr. Villa's work and mission to fight against Ecclesiastical Frea-masinry known throughout the world.  (a percentage of the donations for our apostolate go to the printing of his works.)

This was not an easy task for Fr. Luigi Villa as he humbly felt that he was not right for the job and later he even suffered eight assassination attempts on his life.

The reaction of many, upon hearing about his work, is to cringe and walk away.  A reaction that is not unlike the scene with Pontius Pilate who questions Our Lord and asks him if He was a king.  And in response He answers: Thou sayest that I am a king. For this was I born, and for this came I into the world; that I should give testimony to the truth. Every one that is of the truth, heareth my voice. 

In response Pilate asked Our Lord: "What is Truth?"

Obviously, he did not recognize Truth was standing right in front of him. 

However, Christ's response made him uneasy enough to not only try to avoid defending Him, but even more so, to avoid being the one to sentence Him to death.  In the end, we must label him a coward.

This is the quandary we personally are all faced with today.  Most of the world is acting like Pontius Pilate and walking away from Truth or they can be seen denying it like St. Peter. However, even if we have denied Truth in the past, we are still living in the time of mercy, so we have time to repent as Peter did!

Those of us who wish to stand with Christ, Truth, Itself, are ignored, persecuted and/or silenced.  

An example of this: In 2020, our website with over 200 pdf's of Chiesa viva's which was Fr. Villa's mouthpiece to the world to warn about Freamasinry, was dismantled.  We were told that our website was too old and so the pdf's were incompatible with their "new system".  What is this "new system"?  One can imagine that this "new system" is set up and compatible with the "Grand Resat" coming our way!

I would have liked to have written all of this on an email, but "they" of the "Grand Resat" are monitoring our emails- that is why - when we sent a test email to ourselves this Spring trying to warn people of the apparent worldwide Communist takeover via the current situation- MailChemp told us we were suspended because we violated their "rules". 

Certainly the "rules" have been written by those of the coming "Grand Resat" where TRUTH WILL BE FORBIDDEN!!!

I have thought about the words of Fr. Villa for these thirteen years - most especially in the past month as word as leaked that Francis is planning on the complete annihilation of the Latin Tridentine Mass.   My thought is that all Catholics the world over should ask their priest friends to offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass for the intention of stopping this worldwide Satanic Ritual to the Devil and save our children! This is my Christmas prayer that all of you would take up this project who can afford to-please have as many Masses offered for this purpose and intention for DIVINE INTERVENTION as possible.

I have been assured by our friend, Patti Melvin of The Universal Living Rosary Association that my idea would bear fruit if we tried to implement this:

She wrote to us:  "Who was a great fighter for the faith was Ven. Pauline Jaricot. She knew the Masons and their goals and so one of the key intentions of the prayer of the Living Rosary is to 'obtain the conversion of sinners,  the preservation of the Faith in our own country and its propagation throughout the whole universe, and the exaltation of Holy Mother the Church'…..her very words!! Thus, I feel this is what you are saying too and I am sure Fr. Ivan would have absolutely no trouble with this at all..."

Here is a link to ask for Masses with ULRA-

So before it's too late, please order the resources we have made available- ones that Fr. Luigi Villa personally asked us to make available in English just for you!

Fr. Isaac Mary Relyea is never afraid to speak the Truth! A priest who would never be afraid to offer the Mass for petitioning Heaven for a direct Divine Intervention to help us!

Additionally, we provide here some links for your to learn about more of the Truth of the situation in the world!

Drones- like Alois saw mentioned in the 3 Days of Darkness Booklet?:


5G weaponized energy – from 1985- old movie:

Scientist who was expert on Graphene says its not Graphene oxide but Graphene Hydroxide and they are like razors being injected into your body….he was just killed after he put out this video:

Children Held down in Australia:

New video on OLOGS that we helped to put together with a short interview:

Three Days of Darkness:

 Grand Resat:

We must redouble our prayers for ourselves, our family, our Church, our country and the world- is this what "our world" will be like in the US soon?