Dear Friends, 
We are coming to a close to one of the most tumultuous years of the world since WWII - at least for our country! Truly the world has never known a universal tyrannical takeover such as this that we are witnessing and experiencing right now!
As we know there have been revolutions fomenting all over the world in various countries since the French Revolution...(aka the beginning of the initiation of the plans of the enemies of Christianity (esp. Catholicism) and really even Mankind itself- as their goal is to destroy not just the body but the soul of every single human throughout the centuries!)
Sadly, we fear that the coming year 2021 may yield even more frightful events

We know that Our Lady of Good Success warned about these very enemies and that is why our focus is so heavily revolving about exposing the plans and movements of such enemies.  It weighs profoundly on our consciences to ensure that all people of Good Will discover the Truth! That is the essences of our existence for 20 years!

And so we wish to explain the gravity of the current state of the world and to help you prepare for future events!

Here in the USA, we are seeing the culmination of years, decades- even centuries of planning for the demise of Religion and Society! 

If only the Church would have done what Heaven had requested and warned so many numerous times in apparitions to Her saints... Mother Mariana de Jesus Torres, St. Margaret Mary Alacoque, Melanie of La Salette, the three Fatima Children, even St Bernadette had prophecies that were recorded.... not we will focus on some lesser known saintly souls who were given revelations meant to warn good souls (and bad) about future times... those of Marie-Julie Jahenny and Alois  Irlmaier.

These holy souls were given vision from Our Lord and Our Lady that showed our future.  

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And remember the words of Our Lady of Good Success that she gave to give us hope in our day:

“They will have recourse to Me under the invocation of Our Lady of Good Success and this statue I now ask and command that you have made for the consolation and preservation of My Convent and for those faithful souls of that epoch during which there will be a great devotion to Me,  for I am Queen of Heaven under many invocations."

This devotion will be the lightning rod placed  between Divine Justice and the prevaricating world  to hold back God’s hand from unleashing punishment  that this guilty earth deserves.”

God bless you! 
The Apostolate of Our Lady of Good Success