Carmelite Monastery in Loja, Ecuador- These Carmelites Need Our Help!
"Woe to the world should it lack monasteries and convents!  Mortals do not comprehend their importance, for, if they understood, they would do all in their power to multiply them, because in them can be found the remedy for all physical and moral evils...”

"No one on the face of the earth is aware whence comes the salvation of souls, the conversion of great sinners, the cessation of great scourges, the production and fertility of the lands, the end of pestilences and wars, and the harmony between nations.  All this is due to the prayers that rise up from monasteries and convents.”
(Last Advent of Mother Mariana and last apparition of Our Lady of Good Success to her December 8th,1634)

Mother Veronica of the Holy Face and myself about 20 yrs ago

 Dear Friends, 

We recently received an urgent request from our old Carmelite friend, Mother Veronica of the Holy Face.  She explained to us that their sister monastery in Loja, Ecuador which is an offshoot of Carmen Alto in Quito is in dire straits as this community had acquired this property and its buildings in 2000 not knowing that they were built on a geological fault line and this property would start to deteriorate and crumble around and upon them.  Living under these conditions has caused health and mental problems for the Carmelites. The initial costs for just studying the property and preparing it for construction has been $10.000. Of course there will be many other fees.  She asked if we could send something so she could pay these bills so far.  The workers need to be paid.

 This is not the first time Mother Veronica has asked for help.  She has asked us on numerous occasions to help with other situations over the years in relation to Carmen Alto in Quito, Ecuador which we have been able to assist with fairly rapidly with your help!

Currently, Mother Veronica of the Holy Face is President of the Association of St. Joseph which is in charge of all of the Carmelite Monasteries in Ecuador. 

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 Monastery in Loja, Ecuador that is deteriorating around the good Carmelite sisters. This property was donated to them. They did not know what structural faults would be occurring at the time of their acceptance.


 Choir Room



 Entrance to the Church/ Monastery


 The following is the letter from Mother Veronica to myself and the Apostolate:

  Alabado sea Jesucristo, Querida Katy, te hago llegar mis saludos, como también de todas las hermanas que conformamos la Federación San José de Ecuador, en especial del Consejo, confiando en que El Señor siga acompañándolo en esta misión tan difícil que el mismo le ha confiado.


Querida katyel motivo de esta carta, es presentarle una petición con tiempo ya que sabemos muy bien de todas sus actividades que son muy arduas. Le hacemos conocer las necesidades que están atravesando las Madres Carmelitas de la Ciudad de Loja – Ecuador, las cuales desde aproximadamente 8 años, llevan problemas estructurales en el monasterio, dado que el mismo existe una falla geológica la cual ha generado gritas en las construcción; lo que ha derivado en que las hermanes se encuentren en constante peligro; del mismo modo han provocado gastos de remodelación, arreglo de las fallas y que a su vez ha provocado problemas de salud, así como deterioro psicológico por el miedo de que la construcción se desplome, lo que ha derivado en que la Federación se empodere de la difícil situación que atraviesan nuestras hermanas en Loja.


De la intervención de la Federación San José, Carmelitas Descalzas-Ecuador, se ha podido gestionar la donación de un predio, el cual está ubicado en la ciudad de Catamayo-Loja-Ecuador; se ha generado la necesidad de la construcción de un nuevo monasterio para nuestras hermanas carmelitas lo que ha derivado en realizar varias actividades para poder solventar la construcción en mención.

Con esta breve introducción solicitamos a su buena voluntad, iluminada por el Señor, nos ayuden con una donación para solventar los gastos de la construcción de la primera parte del proyecto del monasterio que se va a construir en la ciudad de Catamayo, la cual Se denomina “CERRAMIENTO PARA EL MONASTERIO DE LAS MADRES CARMELITAS DESCALZAS DEL NIÑO JESÚS DE PRAGA Y DE SAN JOSÉ”, lo que derivaría una vez construido al traslado de las hermanas al mismo.


Como puedes ler en las líneas anteriores, la Federación sigue en la gestión de fondos para poder solventar los gastos, de allí deriva la donación del terreno, en ese mismo sentido les pedimos ayuda para poder iniciar con la primera fase del proyecto la cual seria la construcción del cerramiento para nuestras hermanas Carmelitas."                                                                                                                                              

Madre Verónica de la Santa Faz OCD.


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The Translation in English is here:

 "Praise Jesus Christ, Dear Katy, I send you my greetings, as well as all the sisters that make up the San José Federation of Ecuador, especially the Council, trusting that the Lord continues to accompany them in this difficult mission that He Himself has entrusted.


Dear Katy, the reason for this letter is to present a request to you in time since we know very well about all your activities that are very arduous. We let you know the needs that the Carmelite Mothers of the City of Loja - Ecuador are going through, who for approximately 8 years have had structural problems in the monastery, given that there is a geological fault which has generated complaints about the construction; which has resulted in the sisters being in constant danger; In the same way, they have caused costs for remodeling, fixing the failures and that in turn has caused health problems, as well as psychological deterioration due to the fear that the construction will collapse, which has resulted in the Federation becoming empowered by the difficult situation our sisters are going through in Loja.

From the intervention of the Federation San José, Carmelitas Descalzas-Ecuador, it has been possible to manage the donation of a property, which is located in the city of Catamayo-Loja-Ecuador; The need for the construction of a new monastery for our Carmelite sisters has been generated, which has resulted in carrying out various activities to be able to solve the construction in question.

With this brief introduction we ask your good will, enlightened by the Lord, to help us with a donation to cover the costs of the construction of the first part of the monastery project to be built in the city of Catamayo, which is called "CLOSURE FOR THE MONASTERY OF THE BARE-FOOTED CARMELITE MOTHERS OF THE CHILD JESÚS DE PRAGA AND SAN JOSÉ", which would lead once built to the transfer of the sisters to it.

As you can read in the previous lines, the Federation continues in the management of funds to be able to solve the expenses, from there derives the donation of the land, in that same sense we ask them for help to be able to start with the first phase of the project which would be the construction of the enclosure for our Carmelite sisters.                                                                                                                   

Madre Verónica de la Santa Faz OCD.



 Here is a document from Ecuador with quotes from Mother Yolanda of the Incarnation on their situation and the English translation is below:

 Translation of the Article into English:

Discalced Carmelites need help to build their new Monastery

The Monastery of the Discalced Carmelites of the Child Jesus of Prague and St. Joseph is located in the neighborhood of El Plateado, west of the city of Loja. The sisters who occupy this house are in constant fear because a geological fault has caused cracks in the property.



In the year 2020, the Carmelite Order arrived in Loja and settled in a house that was donated to them, but the site has been of geological faults because with the passing of the days the house, enclosure and the church have huge cracks; there are even streams of water that they do not know where they drain.

Sr. Yolanda de la Encarnación, First Counselor [title held in the monastery- she is also sub-prioress. The Prioress was sick at the time of the interview so she had to acceot the role of being interviewd] of the Monastery, expressed that every time they fix the faults. "Professionals have arrived to the sector and have indicated us that we must look for another site due to the fact that there is no solution to the problem and that the damage is progressive".

"Faced with this situation and by mercy of the Lord, a parishioner donated us a piece of land in the Trapillo sector of Catamayo; what we need now is help to build the new Monastery, therefore, we appeal to the goodness of the people of Loja to be our benefactors".

The First Counselor added that at the present time in the lands of Catamayo that has an extension of 3 hectares, they are making the enclosure and they estimate that a little more than 3 months will finish with the construction; then if there are donations they will begin with the construction of the monastery.



The sisters [survive] spend their days with the help of Divine Providence and with the sale of articles made with their own hands such as: embroidery, cooking and consecration wine, wafers, candles, cookies, among others. "Also by the service of continuous prayer for the faithful whose goal is to reach complete union with the Lord."(I).


There are 14 sisters living in the Carmelite Monastery.

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 For more information on the original Carmelite Monastery in Quito, Ecuador which was once the home of the Lily of Quito, St Mariana of Quito  ( N.B. She is not Mother Mariana de Jesus Torres of the Conceptionists):