In February of 1610, Senor Castillo, the artist that Our Lady of Good Success herself requested for the making of the statue is contacted and given his mission. Over the course of the year, he works diligently to finish the statue.  The plans for the official anointing of the statue by the bishop of Quito are set for February 2, 1611.  As the date grows near, the sisters busily prepare for the event with prayer and penance, imploring Our Lady to keep her promise of miraculously completing the statue. 

 On January 15, 1611, while Senor del Castillo was away purchasing the best and finest paints for the final touches on the statue, the good sisters of the convent prayed with a humble confidence the “Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary” pleading with the Blessed Mother to keep her promise and assist in the completing of the statue.

In the early morning hours of January 16th, as Mother Mariana was accustomed to offering prayers and penances for the Convent at this time, she entered the choir and found it illuminated with heavenly brilliance. The Tabernacle door swung open and the Holy Eucharist was visible. In the host, she was able to see the Blessed Trinity. She then witnessed the Incarnation and perceived “the infinite love” of the Triune God had for Mary Most Holy who was also present in her resplendent glory –“so magnificent, beautiful and captivating.”

The Archangels, Michael, Raphael and Gabriel appeared and bowed reverently before the Blessed Trinity as if acceding to a command. Then they stood before the Queen of Heaven and saluted her.

St Michael said: 
“Hail Mary, Most Holy, Daughter of God the Father.”

St. Gabriel added: 
“Hail Mary, Most Holy, Mother of God the Son.”

St. Raphael said: 
“Hail Mary, Most Holy, Most Pure Spouse of the Holy Ghost.”

Joined by the celestial hosts, they all intoned together:
“Hail Mary, Most Holy, Temple and Sacrarium of the Most Holy Trinity.”

At once, the heavenly hosts were in the upper choir loft. The Archangels, along with St. Francis, drew near to the statue to miraculously finish the statue. Instantaneously, the statue was completed, leaving the outer shell of the statue in a heap on the floor. With the result being a most beautiful replica of this lovely vision of “Mary of Good Success.” St Francis took the cord from his waist. Placing the cord around the waist of Our Lady, he offered a prayer invoking
Our Lady to watch over this Convent and the inhabitants thereof. He then disappeared. The statue, enveloped in light brighter than the sun, became animated as Our Queen and Mother entered into it singing the “Magnificat.”
All this occurred while the Triune God looked on with approval and the choirs of angels sang “Salve Sancta Parens” This most lovely of all visions took place at 3 o’clock in the morning.

Then Our Lady of Good Success speaking to Mother Mariana about the future of the convent and the Church and how many religious would not observe the rule of their orders calling down a punishment from God, she said these words: 

“Woe to those of the 20th century! …..I repeat: Woe to those who will cause these things to come about! They will tremble before the dread judgment seat of God …. Moreover, great calamities will befall the people throughout this epoch. The prayers of the faithful religious will be powerful in holding back the arm of Divine Justice.” 

Our Lady told Mother Mariana to call the sisters for the “Little Office” and upon arrival to the upper choir loft, the sisters could hear angelic voices singing the “Salve Sancta Parens” All marveled at the miracle that had taken place.


 Interestingly, this seemed to be a recurring theme in these apparitions of Our Lady of Good Success as she could foresee what was to happen in Quito and the world in future times...most especially the Twentieth Century onward...

What follows is an excerpt on this theme of bad religious from Chiesa viva #413 "Our Lady Condemns Masonry":

 "She [Mother Mariana] also saw how all this aroused the fury of the Devil who would strive to raze this solid edifice of Catholic piety founded upon the faith of the children of God. To achieve this evil intent, he would avail himself of the sons of this country who would lose the sentiment of faith, bequeathed to them by their parents and elders. These countrymen would work to oppress the Church in their assemblies and prevent this public devotion, for they would have already entered the party of Satan by becoming members of the Masonic Lodges.
She saw that this generation of men without faith would be formed by unworthy children of the Catholic Church who would impiously oppress her and put an end to the reverent processions that attract the blessing of God. This would be a time of sorrow and grief for all the faithful children of the Church, who, with their Prelates and pastors, would be few in number. Our Lord showed her how the hideous and pestiferous wild boar of Masonry would enter the beautiful, flourishing vineyard of the Church, leaving it destroyed and in complete ruins.

... she saw the infidelity of the ministers of the altar to their holy vocation, and the unworthy way that some would approach the Holy Sacrifice. She considered She considered the causes of this the causes of this and her soul was overcome with a profound, unearthly sorrow.


In the latter part of 1610, Our Lord appearing to Mother Mariana and said this about the priesthood, urging to pray for the Prelates of the Church:

“How My Heart yearns that Prelates and Pastors would be true fathers to each and every one of their children. But, behold my sorrow! For the vain pleasures of learning, nobility, and wealth obscure the minds of Prelates, inclining them to favor certain persons, toppling to the ground that great edifice of Pastoral Charity that should strong and high in the Pastors of the Church. For to them do I entrust the care of souls -- all souls, without distinction to age, sex, or state of life -- which have cost Me so dearly. Earthly nobility is nothing but a smoke of straw that is dissolves in the vast region of eternity, where only the practice of the virtues and the fulfillment of one’s duties have any value. How many times a poor country peasant, ignorant of the human sciences - but a good Catholic who fulfilled his duties - has more glory in Heaven than those of great learning in high offices, who, vain about their nobility, studied the stars without studying themselves!"

in Heaven than those of great learning in high offices, who, vain about their nobility, studied the stars without studying themselves!