Dear Friends,
I just realized that we should all be doing the Nine Day Novena to the Holy Face of Jesus!  Lent is a little earlier this year and I am still just trying to settle down from the Feast Day of Our Lady of Good Success so... I apologize that I missed this! 

 I am hoping Our Lord understands my memory is a little overloaded these days!
I do have one request and if you could remember a special intention in regards to this devotion!  Ask Our Lord to make it clear  in what manner would it be fitting to spread this devotion! This devotion needs to be put into place nationally to stem the malicious works of Revolutionary Men. (Please go to the links below to read about how Our Lord wished this devotion to be made known to stop the spread of Communism!)

Just click on the picture above or link here and prayer the Nine Day Novena with us:

There are several Pages dedicated to the Holy Face of Jesus to be found on our website:

And More can be found on this page just scroll down:

God bless and keep you!  Please remember us in your prayers!