Dear Friends,
A little over twenty years ago, we knelt at the feet of the miraculous statue of Our Lady of Good Success asking her for many favors! One of the favors was the grace to adopt four children.  Little did I know that what we were embarking on what a two-fold vocation. As this adoption would be intertwined with this devotion of Our Lady of Good Success.  I did promise to do all we could to spread her devotion and it was this promise that made our family united in this project.  To this day (as we adopted again in 2012), our children are still involved in our little project.   Why do I mention this?  Well when we first were introduced to Our Lady of Good Success, not all of the prophecies were had been revealed in English.  It was not until many years later that I read this message and prophecy that struck me to the very core of my heart and soul.  This prophecy was give to Mother Mariana less that a year before her death on Feb. 2nd, 1634.  I was shocked by her words:

«The fourth reason for the lamp being extinguished is that the Masonic Sect, having infiltrated all the social classes, will be so subtle as to introduce itself into domestic ambiences in order to corrupt the children, and the Devil will glory in dining upon the exquisite delicacy of the hearts of children...»
She finishes up this prophecy with these words:
«Alas! my chosen daughter! If it were given to you to live in this tenebrous era, you would die of sorrow to see all that I have revealed to you here take place. Most Holy Son and I have a great love for this land, our legacy, that we desire that even now the application of your sacrifices and prayers to shorten the time of such a terrible catastrophe!»

Dear Friends,  These words held meaning for me when I read them for the first time pondering the seriousness of the spiritual demise our our own children.

Now, twenty years later, as we see the revelation of a worldwide network of depravity that have robbed the innocence of children in such a universal scale that it is completely unfathomable only believable because  we are seeing on the screen  with our own eyes!  

This Brother living in Rome tells a synopsis of the world situation right now! Please watch

Holy Mother of Our Redeemer,
Thou Gate leading to Heaven,
and Star of the Sea,
Give aid to a falling people
who seek to rise;
O Thou who, all nature wondering, didst give birth to thy Holy Creator,
Virgin always, hearing
 that "Ave" from  Gabriel's lips, take pity on us sinners.

The words above are the words of a Marian Antiphon.
Click here to listen to this beautiful Marian Antiphon as it will not be heard at Mass until Advent... February 2nd, The Feast of Candlemas is the last day of the Christmas season.

Tomorrow is the beautiful and wondrous Feast of Our Lady of Good Success! 
We have all been remembering you all in our novena prayers and lit candles at the Marian altar here at our church.

Let us go to her in spirit tomorrow and pray our rosaries for our souls, our family's souls, our countries' souls!  Let us beg Heaven for the grace of Final Perseverance! 

To send a prayer petition:
God bless and keep you always!

"Star of the Stormy Sea of my mortal life, may your light shine upon me so I do not stray from the path that leads me to Heaven."
(From the Last Will and Testament of Mother Mariana de Jesus Torres)

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