The French Mystic - Marie Julie Jahenny- Stigmatist

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"During the MORTAL PLAGUE - There will be only one remedy for protection. It will be to swallow, written on very thin paper : 
'O Jesus, Vanquisher of death, save us! O Crux Ave, Spes Unica!' "
From the ecstasies of Marie Julie Jahenny
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Excerpt below from the book "We Are Warned" of Marie Julie Jahenny's Ecstasy of March 19, 1878 in which St. Joseph speaks of the upcoming future plagues:
“My children,” adds St. Joseph, “plagues of all sorts are reserved for the earth. Plagues and calamities will come with this time. To indicate mortality, in some places, they will place the pall on the Church! It will be that corruption and lawlessness will issue from these plagues. I warn, since my Son orders it.

My children, in these next few years, there will be extraordinary phenomena. You must be warned so that you may be without fear. My son told me:

'Father, to you I entrust these revelations, let them be made known to My people.'..."
Another excerpt below from the book "We Are Warned" of Marie Julie Jahenny's Ecstasy of July 23, 1925 when Our Lord speaks:
" My little children, I assure you that this time is not far, but do not be frightened. You have for your shelter the Divine Heart, you have for your protection the Adorable Cross, you have for your tent my maternal heart, my white mantle will serve you as a tent, a shelter and strength where you will have no fear because the earth will split, a terrible earthquake will shake the earth, by making it shake up to terrible heights. The sinners will fall into the abyss and will be buried in that tomb, which will close. There will be other places a plague of one minute. It can destroy thousands of bodies, but my little children, you have your little flowers of hawthorn, (i.e., one of the remedies for plagues,) you have your blessed crosses, you have your medals, where all our graces fall like heavy rain, in addition you have your promises of truth and peace."
"My Immaculate Mother, I repeat My broad protection for My little faithful souls, Mother I repeat: My Justice will break in pieces the body of the sinner. Above all for the infamous laws passed by so many souls in the empire of Satan, My Mother, I will reduce them to dust, to leave the pieces of their horrible bodies, it would be a deadly plague for My beloved to whom I pledge My protection. I will renew, tested souls. Peace will return (to you), afflicted souls, afflicted bodies. The sovereign remedy I hold in My hands and All-powerful and Divine. I will establish peace where there existed disorder, the enemy and pain. My grace will change everything because that which is prepared has never passed on Earth, graces without measure, but a boundless justice; it is not limited, it will spread wherever the chastisements are deserved. It will spread everywhere."
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