The Little Gospel

“And after eight days were accomplished, that the child should be circumcised, his name was called JESUS, which was called by the angel, before he was conceived in the womb.
(Luke 2:21- words enclosed in the sachet)

Sr. Marie St. Peter, the Carmelite sister who received messages from Our Lord to help establish devotion to His Holy Face. Sr. St. Peter was the portress of the Carmelite Monastery in Tours, France.  People learned that this dear little doorkeeper could console the anxieties and worries of the local people.  Her words of comfort were like a healing balm to their souls, hearts, minds and even bodies.  However, as the news travelled far and wide about her comforting advice, people were inundating the monastery with requests to speak with her to receiving those words that soothe and calm the soul as well as the body. Due to her great concern for keeping the rule of silence and recollection, she prayed for an answer to keep herself within the confines of the Rule, yet still have the ability to console these poor souls in so great a need of consolation and encouragement so as not to become disheartened.  Our Lord answered her prayers with a new sacramental to be distributed to the Faithful to give relief in their spiritual and temporal burdens.  

Sr. Marie St. Peter

She wrote this: “Our Lord, beholding my desire, gave me the means of gratifying these people and also of comforting them in their maladies, by inspiring me with the pious practice of wearing the Gospel of the Circumcision.” (Aka “The Little Gospel” or “The Little Sachet”)

She continued:

Behold in what manner I arranged this practice in conformity with what had been communicated to me on the subject. The devil uses every means in his power to snatch from Our Lord the inheritance won by His Holy Cross; and he is incessantly seeking to rob this Good Shepherd of the sheep purchased at so great a price. To prevent this ravenous wolf from approaching the sheepfold, Jesus desired, as He made me understand, that I should proclaim to all, that His sheep were marked with his Holy Name, and carried about them the Gospel announcing to all nations that the Word Incarnate was named Jesus. My amiable Savior made me understand the depth of virtue contained in that Sacred Name, the very mention of which puts the devil to flight. Those who will have recourse to this act of piety will receive great graces. He told me, also, to place below this Gospel, the words recalling the victory which He had gained over Satan in assuming, through love for us, the Name of Jesus...”

“I was continually occupied in distributing these little gospels, but although I was very assiduous in the work, I could not meet the demand of all who desired them. Our good sisters then kindly offered to help me. I was charmed with this new commerce which redounded to the glory of the Holy Infant. I made a very pretty little gospel for Him, which I placed round the neck of his little statue. As I have said, he told me that these little objects of devotion were not to be sold, but as many wealthy persons wished to purchase them, I placed a small purse in the hand of my little king with the following inscription thereon: “If you wish, give to Jesus; it will enable us to purchase infantile clothing- for him.”

The Divine Child rewarded the good people a hundredfold for their alms, with the graces which he granted them. Quite a considerable amount was thus amassed in His little purse…"

The good sister informs us. furthermore, that Our Lord asked as an alm that these prayers be distributed as soon as possible; at the end of the prayers, He desired should be written: "When Jesus received his name, Satan was vanquished and disarmed.” He permitted me to behold the amount of glory which accrued to Him by celebrating His victory in these words, which make the demons gnash their teeth with rage. He promised that He would bless all who would wear this gospel and would defend them against the attacks of the devil."

The Lord afterward informed her, that as this grace had been drawn from His Heart, that the engraving of the Sacred Heart, together with the instruments of his Passion, should be stamped on the little covering containing this gospel, which would answer the same purpose as a seal on a reliquary, which, guarantees the authenticity of the relic. In honor of the five letters which form the Name of Jesus, and in virtue of His Five Wounds, He promised to grant five special graces to all who would practice this devotion:

  1. To preserve them from death by lightning.
  2. To protect them against the snares and the malice of the devil.
  3. To deliver them from a sudden and unprovided death.
  4. To assist them to advance with facility in the path of virtue.
  5. That He would give them the grace of final perseverance."

“As this last favor appeared excessive to the pious Carmelite, the following words of Holy Scripture occurred to her mind and reassured her: "Whoever will invoke the name of the Lord shall be saved." (Rom. X. 13.)”

Immediately, many graces were extended to those that took the Little Gospel kept it on them or gave it to the sick, to sinners and even the impenitent on his death bed! It was even given to distraught mothers and widows who feared that their sons were to see active duty, yet, to the amazement of all, all these soldiers seem to have a special protection, and none saw active duty!

Little Gospel

The holy sister, Sr. Marie St. Peter, concludes the chapter on the Little Gospel with these words: “By the Little Gospel, He glorified His name, the blessed Name of Jesus; He healed the sick, He brought back sinners to the true fold. By the Work of Reparation, He will glorify the Name of His Father, this Holy Name of the Eternal God, outraged by blasphemers. He will cure the sick, save the sinner, and convert France, that nation formerly the glory of Christian Europe…”





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May God have mercy on us, and bless us: may he cause the light of his countenance to shine upon us, and may he have mercy on us."
[Psalms 66:2]


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The Chapter on the Little Gospel from “The Life of Sr. Marie St. Peter” by Abbe Janvier, 1884


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