Dear Friends,

I didn't think I would have to tell you this, but....

I feel you need to know!  The newsletter went out ands I missed a typo in the first couple of lines of the newsletter!

Under the topic of Holy Face Protection Crosses, I typed our phone number incorrectly!!! Considering, I know how much Our Lord wanted us to have a devotion to His Holy Face and that this devotion was designed to stop the Communists, those enemies of ours who are not only wreaking havoc in our country, but also around the world, one can't hardly keep[ from suspecting who might have designed this latest impediment to spread this devotion!!!  (I think you know exactly who I am talking about, but I don't think we should give the little demon any credit as God can turn bad things into good things in a wink of an eye!) 

In order to make up for this terrible mistake the following excerpt is printed so that you know how very pressing this devotion is for our country right now: "The Importance of the Holy Face Devotion in the 21st Century"

"Our Lord said, as well, that only Reparation could disarm the Justice of God because the guilt of men had provoked His anger.
On October 4, 1846, Our Lord explained to Sr. Marie what
chastisements of God’s Justice would be felt because of the profanation of Sunday. There had been a terrible flood caused by the overflowing of the River Loire that had been unprecedented for many centuries. Sr. Marie was told that God “wielded the elements” because of the profanation of Sunday. On this day, Sr. Marie was given to know that in the future (perhaps because He was largely ignored) 'God’s Justice would use as the instrument of punishment, not the elements, but the ‘malice of revolutionary men—that is the Communists.’ (This was the first revelation from Heaven concerning Communism. Our Lord said that this devotion would defeat it. It is, therefore, the sister-devotion to the Fatima devotion--necessary to save the world. It is interesting to note that
Communism was at its very beginning stages, as Karl Marx, the father of Communism, had not even published his “Communist Manifesto” until 1848.) Our Lord then ordered Sr. Marie to wage war against the enemies of the Church, the Communists, through her prayers and the instruments of His Passion which would be her only weapons against them and the devil himself."

For more information:

So it is with this latest situation, we pray that God will turn this mistake into something good! We apologize to all of you for having made the mistake!  And to the  poor 75 yr old lady who we have given alot of grief by accidently printing her phone number instead of ours.
We're not going to repeat that mistake
but ask that our correct phone number is recorded: 262-567-0920.

Please remember this poor lady and her husband who has Alzheimer's in your prayers who keeps getting phone calls from people who want to contact us for Holy Face Protection Crosses etc.!!! Say at least a "Hail Mary" for her!

To highlight the dramatic and tragic situation the world is in right now , we send you this information. Surely, it is a warning from Heaven of what could be in store for us!
This was an email from a fellow devotee of Our Lady of Good Success:


Both an altar server and a priest are shown as being dragged away forcibly by police and (presumably) put into the back of a police vehicle (a clear sign of forcible arrest and detention). The dragging away and detention of the altar server within the police vehicle is more obviously noticeable. The person dragged away at the very end of the video is the priest who was celebrating the mass earlier in the video (he can be seen with the vestments that he was wearing for the Eucharistic benediction as he’s being dragged down the stairs by police). The building is a Silesian compound (not a private home) and the priest is a member of that congregation. 

 The priest was celebrating the Traditional Mass with hardly more than 5 people present at the time of the police intervention. The priest celebrates the Traditional Mass exclusively and this is greatly resented by his fellow Silesians. It is likely his fellow Silesians called the police on him and instigated this incident (perhaps using the pandemic situation as a pretext).

To my knowledge, these are the facts of the situation. If additional updates or clarifications are needed, I will be more than happy to provide them.

Thus the Malice of Revolutionary Men has never stopped!!!
Please have devotion to the Holy Face of Jesus!!!
Please do pass this along to all of your family and friends!!!

I also didn't want to mention this, but I feel that you all should know that I had injured myself in September when I fell and broke my elbow.  I had to have surgery and now physical therapy.  I am recuperating very well.  However the Apostolate is very behind and so I am asking everyone to take a deep breath and whisper a prayer for me so that I can get everything accomplished that needs to be done!  I don't believe I have ever been this far behind!

I humbly ask for your prayers for my quick recovery to get back to work as well as for several prayer intentions for our family!

God bless and keep you always!

"Star of the Stormy Sea of my mortal life, may your light shine upon me so I do not stray from the path that leads me to Heaven."
(From the Last Will and Testament of Mother Mariana de Jesus Torres)

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