Quito in upheaval due to increase in gas prices! Government moves from Quito to Guayaquil to avoid coup!

We should not be surprised to see that Ecuador seems to reflect the state of affairs in Society and the Church at large! Our Lady prophesized many events for this poor country... many uprisings etc. but She did promise that Gabriel Garcia Moreno's work to Consecrate Ecuador to the Sacred Heart of Jesus  would sustain the faithful in these times!

Let us not forget to pray for our fellow Catholics in Ecuador at this time!!!!

Pray for the police there that prayed the Our Father in the main plaza as a re-consecration of the Sacred Heart of Jesus on October 8th  the anniversary!

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 From an Ecuadorean we received this message:

Un día como hoy, 08 de Octubre de 1873 se firmó el decreto de Consagración del Ecuador al Sagrado Corazón de Jesús.
Pongamos nuestra Patria y familias bajo su amparo. Que el Sagrado Corazón de Cristo Venza , Cristo Reine, que Cristo proteja y nos auxilie en los momentos de peligro. Sagrado Corazón de Jesús, en vos confío.

Which translates in English:

A day like today, October 8,
1873, the decree of Consecration
of Ecuador to the Sacred Heart of Jesus was signed. Let us put our country and families
under their protection. May the Sacred Heart
of Christ Come, may Christ reign, may Christ
protect and help us in times of danger.
Sacred Heart of Jesus, I trust in