Divine Child of the Cross 
of Pichincha to the World:

"What more can I do to show
My love for you?"

 The Apostolate of Our Lady of Good Success presents: "Nine Day Novena to the Divine Child of the Cross of Pichincha." This booklet was given to the Apostolate in 2007 in Spanish.  It is now available to you to the English speaking world!
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It is our prayer that with this little booklet, hearts will turn to the Divine Child, realize what He suffered for us, make reparation and have recourse to Him under this title!

If you have never heard of the Divine Child of the Cross of Pichincha, please read the excerpt below taken from "The Admirable Life of Mother Mariana Vol II"

In 1628,

The Queen of Heaven (Our Lady of Good Success to Mother Mariana) then continued:

"Lift your eyes now and look at the Pichincha mountain, where you will see this Divine Infant Whom I carry in My arms crucified.  I deliver Him to the Cross so that He might always give good successes to this republic, which will enjoy great happiness when, amidst its greatest distress, it will acknowledge and honor Me under this invocation.  For then there will be good success in souls, homes and families, and this invocation will be the pledge of salvation."

Mother Mariana then saw the three Archangels, St. Michael, St. Gabriel and St. Raphael, who took the Divine Child from the arms of their Most Holy Mother and carried Him to the Pichincha mountain, leaving Him there with reverent veneration. They then vanished from sight.

The Divine Child seemed to be about 12 to 15 years of age, beautiful and filled with Divinity, although hidden under His Holy Humanity.  He prostrated Himself on the ground, with His arms in a cross, and prayed to His Eternal Father, saying:

"My Father and Eternal God, look with favor on this small portion of earth that today Thou givest to Me, so that here might reign My loving and tender Heart and that of my Most Holy Mother, a creature more pure and beautiful than all others.

"This land will be granted its liberty as a new republic, and My young Heart is filled with infinite tenderness at seeing the many heroes who will lose their temporal lives.   A thousand times blessed will they be for their heroic sacrifices!  Their souls will be received in Heaven where they will receive the reward for their efforts!  For this do I pray on this mountain, just as I prayed at Gethsemane, begging Thee, that I might intercede for all the souls that inhabit this land, freeing them from the diabolical ire that so greatly threatens them.  I desire to save them all.  And, for this, I have virgin spouses, who, in union with Me, raise their arms in supplication and prayer to the throne of Thy Majesty, like innocent doves uttering their plaintive notes at the foot of My Tabernacle.

"Above all, look upon my House and Convent, property of My Immaculate Mother, founded by Thy Most Holy Will in the very heart of this city to make amends for the many crimes that will be committed in it throughout time. There We have and shall have until the end of time crucified and just souls who will imitate Me and My Mother without stain of sin.  They will hold back the enraged arm of Thy Divine Justice and impede great physical and moral calamities in their beloved country-land.

"For this reason, the Convent will be persecuted and the demon will try to destroy it, availing himself of both the good and the evil.  But my beloved Mother, like a luminous Star, will shine over it throughout time and will be its strongest support and its impenetrable wall, and She will always give to it good successes.  Because of this, She and I shall always be there, and We leave Her precious Statue as the strongest pledge of Our love and protection.  Bless them and sustain them in their battles and sufferings!"

At the end of this prayer, Mother Mariana heard a voice from Heaven that said, filled with affectionate majesty:

"This is my beloved Son in Whom I am well pleased.  Hear Him and imitate Him, O hidden and beloved souls."



The whole mountain was then enveloped in a celestial light.  And the Child Jesus, rising from the ground, found before Him a cross of flat, leveled wood with the inscription INRI at its head.  On its left arm hung a crown of sharp thorns, and, on its right, a white stole.

The three Archangels then reappeared.  St. Gabriel was carrying a white Host with reverence and great devotion; St Michael, a long white tunic, speckled with stars; and St. Raphael, a mantle of a magnificent rose color unknown on this earth.

The Child Jesus, filled with great contentment, vested Himself in the white tunic, which He took from the hands of St. Michael, while the Archangel adjusted the stole that was on the right arm of the cross, according to the usage of deacons (falling from the shoulder to the waist diagonally). Over the tunic, the Child Jesus placed the magnificent mantle, taking it from the hands of the Archangel St. Raphael.

Thus vested, He approached the cross, gazing at it with love.  Down His rosy cheeks streamed large tears, which were immediately gathered up by the Archangels St. Michael and St. Raphael, who then dispersed them throughout the new nation.

Lovingly He took the crown of sharp thorns from the left arm of the cross and place it on His Most Holy Head. Drawing near the cross, He extended His small hands, being crucified on it, without, however, the appearance of the nails.

He then ordered the Archangel St. Gabriel to place the Host behind his head.  This done, three resplendent beams of light streamed from the white Host, conferring to It an extraordinary brilliance, for the halo had a golden aureole and was embellished with the most exquisite emeralds. On the ray directly over His Head was written the word LOVE; on the ray to His right, ECUADOR; and on the ray to His left, SPAIN.

The Child Jesus assumed a majestic semblance, his expression somewhat sad, as if reflecting the intense pain that afflicted His tender, divine Members. But, at the same time, He showed Himself to be joyful to suffer for those whom He loved so much.  From His crown of pungent thorns fell large drops of blood that ran down His forehead.  From His hands, the wounds from the nails also shed blood, as well as from His feet that had tread the soil of that mountain.  However, the nails appeared neither on His hands nor feet.

His gaze from the cross encompassed the whole new country.  His head did not move, remaining somewhat inclined to the right. Weeping, He repeated these words:

"I can do no more to show My love for you.  Ungrateful souls, who repay the great love and attentions of My Heart with contempt, sacrileges and blasphemies.  At least you, my beloved and hidden spouses, be, then, My consolation in My Eucharistic solitude; keep watch in My company. Do not be overcome by the sleep of indifference  to God, Who loves you so much!  Always be the heroines of your country during the bitter and dire times that will come over it.  Your humble, secret and silent prayer, together with your voluntary penances, will save it from the destruction toward which its ungrateful sons will lead it.  For these wretched ones, rebuffing and despising the good, will exalt and praise the evil and adventitious satellites of Satan."

Around the cross was nothing but thorn bushes bearing delicate flowers.  Thus was the Child Jesus crucified on the grand Pichincha.