Dear Friends,  

Dear Friends,  

We are coming to the close of a beautiful October with all of its exploding fall colors which though silent erupt into the sky as a reminder that God is still with us and in control.

The past couple of months have been difficult for us...I have been under the weather even myself these past weeks. It seems everyone has some kind of heavy cross or crosses that we have been made to bear in our families.

As we look to God's beauty it would be good to reflect on the favors He has granted us instead of dwelling on the burdens. However, we can even be thankful for our crosses too! (So though we have been quiet, please know that we are still here trying to do our part to keep Catholicism alive and we do need your help to keep doing our work! We are starting our annual fundraiser for the sisters now in hopes of being able to give a donation before the end of the year. And we as an apostolate need your help to keep going too!)

When we, Wisconsites, want to get a good view of the Autumn "fireworks" of God and thank Him for His goodness, we go to a holy site called: "Holy Hill" in Hubertus, Wisconsin- one of the highest points in the state and one that has been told that the Black Robes came and erected a shrine here with a cross on this hill decades and decades ago. This "legend" was told and passed on by the local Indians that lived around here at the time. I like to imagine it was Fr. Marquette as he traversed the area via the rivers around Wisconsin and Michigan blessing this area of the United States with his prayers and sacramental works. Titling the Mississippi River" "The River of the Immaculate Conception."

Why, Oh Why wasn't that name kept as a beautiful token to Our Lady?  There are so many wonderful historical events and blessings God and Our Lady gave this country and yet, they have all been hidden from our eyes! However, one day I hope to explore more of these treasures just like the one we have here below in Wisconsin!

As the leaves fall and the colors fade from our sight, we now begin to meditate on death and those Catholic the feasts that come in November: All Saints Day and the Poor Souls.  

In these sad times that we live in now, let us have recourse to the Saints and Poor Souls- especially the Poor Souls during this month of November.

If ever we needed friends, it's now! I have made good friends with the Poor Souls many years ago.  I have had many experiences and stories that could be told about how the Poor Souls have helped get me and/ or a family member of friend out of certain situations!  You will never find a better friend! They are always there on the double and I even think that sometimes they hide things on me so I have a Mass offered for them! But think about how few people are praying for them and to them for their intercession!  They are truly forgotten in these times where most people think that everyone goes to Heaven....

The photos below are a good meditation in and of themselves.  They are of the Capuchin Church in Rome that has been composed of the bones of many poor souls - monks, priests and the like.  

If you would like to pray daily for them, we have uploaded and attached some books in pdf form for you to use. Please click on the photos below:

 Purgatorian Manual

 30 Days of Prayers for the Poor Souls


Approved Prayers for the Poor Souls

Eternal Rest Grant Unto Them O Lord, and let Perpetual Light shine upon them!