“In the End, My Immaculate Heart Will Triumph”
Our Lady of Fatima – July 13, 1917, to the 3 children of Fatima

When I was in 4th grade, our class was assigned a spring art project to make a poster about Mary because the month of May was fast approaching.  I had – what I thought in my 4th grade mind (circa1968)- an awesome idea for this project-wanting to draw flowers and butterflies for Our Lady.  Well, I told my mother and father about the project.  My father and I went to get the poster board and when we got home, he sat me down and gave me a beautiful picture of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and then proceeded to show me that we needed to write the quote of Our Lady of Fatma under her image: “In the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph.” Well to say the least I was quite disappointed as I knew my dreams of hand drawn butterflies and flowers just went out the window.  I protested but it was no use.  (He was an active member of the Holy Name Society before and during the changes of Vatican II.  My mother and father both fought to keep sex education and bad catechisms out of Catholic schools which served me well giving me the courage to stand up for truth.) I brought my poster to school.  To my surprise, my teacher loved the poster and she placed in in the most prominent place in the classroom on the coveted bulletin board right in the front of class where the best artwork was featured.  I was shocked to see it there, but I guess she felt the children should remember these words of Our Lady. I. too, never forgot these words, nor this event as it taught me a lot.  Recently, I used my dad’s idea this year once again. But first I will digress to give you some history…

Three Austrians and the Rosary

In Catholic History, one of the most famous and greatest battles for the Faith was the Battle of Lepanto.  It was waged in the seas off the coast of Greece against the Turks. The Turks’ goal was to take control of the Mediterranean eventually heading towards Rome for their final conquest. Of course, the Turks wanted full dominion over Europe. All of Christendom was at stake. The odds were in favor of the Turks as the Catholics were greatly outnumbered three to one. The Catholics had been assembled under the title of the Holy League which was comprised of different Catholic States but mainly Spanish and Italian. Pope Pius V had assembled the Holy League himself putting Don Juan, an Austrian by birth, as its fearless and indefatigable leader. Previous to this battle, Pius V called for all Catholic clergy to lead the faithful in prayer, most especially the Rosary, fasting and penance which included almsgiving to prepare for 40 days prior to this event commencing on August 27th. Pius V put the Holy League and this crusade under the protection of Our Lady of the Rosary. The battle began on October 7, 1571, after a night of confessions and absolution for the soldiers. Over 400 battleships gathered on the water. The Catholics ships assembled in the form of a cross and the Turks in a crescent.  The Catholic ships flew the banner with the image of the Crucified Lord and of Our Lady of Guadalupe. The battle was so bloody that it turned the waters red. The battle only lasted 5 hours and victory was given to the Holy League. Reflecting on these events, one can see that Heaven had determined the outcome of this battle before it began because of all the spiritual battles being waged those 40 days prior to October 7th in the way of prayers and penances. This battle freed Christendom from the yoke and enslavement of the evils of the Ottoman Empire. As a result, in thanksgiving for this victory, Pope Pius V titled October 7th Feast of Our Lady of Victory and later the Feast of the Holy Rosary of the BVM.

Fast forward to the years after WWII, Austria became occupied by the Russian Communists, and they so wished to be freed from this bondage. But what could 7 million Austrians do against 220 million Communists?

An Austrian Capuchin, Fr. Petrus Pavlicek, troubled by the Communist persecution in Austrian went on pilgrimage to Mariazell the largest Marian shrine in Austria and prayed to Our Lady for assistance. Fr. Petrus heard an interior voice say: “Do what I say and there will be peace.”  As a result, Father Petrus founded “The Holy Rosary Crusade of Reparation” in 1947. He felt that if 10 percent of the Austrian population could promise to say the rosary daily for the withdrawal of the Communists from Austria there would be peace. With Our Lady of Fatima as his guide, this crusade encouraged fellow Austrians to come out of their homes and participate in a public reparative rosary procession in the streets of their cities. The intention was for end of Communism in their country and the world. At first, there was only a few meager groups formed but after eight years these rosary processions grew to between 500,000 to 700,000 people at least 10 per cent of Austria’s population at that time. Thus, after 8 yrs. of initiating this rosary crusade, the Russian Communists up and left without a confrontation! Even, the stigmatist, Therese Neumann, who had encouraged Fr. Petrus to become a priest, when asked how it was that the Austrian people were freed from Communism she replied: “Verily, verily, it was the rosaries of the Austrian people."


And so, let’s fast forward again to our present-day situation that we find ourselves- that of in a worldwide tyrannical oppression with the threat of real universal Communistic dictatorship never seen before in the world. In November 2021, a Public Rosary Program once again was initiated by an Austrian, Louis-Pierre La Roche. He and his fellow Austrians had been fighting all of the many mandates in Austria on various levels, but there were few victories. Many Austrians were discouraged telling him “Now only Heaven can help us!” Then, he remembered the historical event in Austria previously described.

Spurred on by the success of the rosary crusades of the past, Louis-Pierre encourages all Catholics to: “Take the rosary! Move! It’s up to you to get out of your armchair! Get up, get out and do something! The rest will be done by the Blessed Virgin. Get moving for your country, for your Church, for your freedom, so that we can regain confidence and have peace in this unending sorrow. Get out of your house and pray the public rosary!” With this kind of action which needs only your rosary and a little courage we can do much!  [taken from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O8FoMOWrTYM]

Founded on November 29th, 2021, this Public Rosary Initiative as grown to over 4800 sites of prayer in over 30 countries.  It was estimated some time ago that over 50,000 people worldwide are joining in this rosary every Wednesday night. [E.N. If we need 10% of the pop., then we need over 300,000 to pray the rosary in the USA for Her Triumph!]  Also: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VgtfMFPAWXA

The Public Rosary Guidelines to be included in this worldwide initiative can be found (even with maps) on https://public-rosary.org/ There it states that we do this in order to consecrate our countries to the Mother of God asking her for help for all citizens to obtain unity and peace on mainly every Wednesday at 6 pm in a public places in all cities, communities in villages at either a shrine or image of the crucifix or statue of the Blessed Virgin.  If there are none in your area, then bring a statue of Our Lady with your rosary and candles or lanterns. Invite friends and neighbors and anyone who cares about the welfare of his/her country. Pray the Holy Rosary and sing hymns; duration about 30 minutes. It is suggested that we recite this public rosary as long as our countries are in crisis and ask Our Lady to intercede with her Divine Son. After the crisis we will continue to pray the Rosary like generations before us have done. For a longer version the story of the Public Rosary: https://www.lifesitenews.com/blogs/hundreds-of-rosary/

To conclude, on December 8th, 2021, the Public Rosary was started in the US. In January, we read the article on Life Site News (above). In February, a good priest friend visited us. We asked him what he thought about this public rosary. Without hesitation, he said: “Yes, anything that has to do with the rosary I approve of!” and so, my husband and our children have supported this program from the start of our first public rosary in Oconomowoc on February 9th, 2022.  We are in our 16th week of saying the Public Rosary in Oconomowoc.  We chose to have a statue of Our Lady of Grace and a banner, and you will see in the photo that the idea of my father 50 plus years ago was implemented once again. As she said: “In the end, My Immaculate Heart will Triumph!” She has triumphed in our hearts! Let us spread Her Triumph throughout the world! Please join us!