[Painting of the Sacred Heart commissionied by the Great Catholic
President of the Republic of Ecuador - Gabriel Garcia Moreno.]
Part 7
"Take up my yoke upon you, and learn of me, because I am meek, and humble of heart: and you shall find rest to your souls."

[Matthew 11:29]

So, it is when one begins to study the rich Catholic history of Ecuador that one realizes that these beautiful and miraculous stories are all intertwined together. The Blood of the Martyr, Fr. Emilio Moscoso, was, indeed, the seed – or one could say the “reseeding” and regenerating of the Faith of Ecuador. For with his cruel and sadistic death, the people of Ecuador realized in him their victim martyr and seemed to gain courage once again.  Many people were so taken by this violent attack on the Holy Eucharist and the Church and his obvious reparative offering that there were both priests and Franciscan tertiaries that stepped forth to found religious communities to make perpetual reparation for this heinous crime.  These religious orders are still functioning to this day. The persecution was and is still present in many ways, but the seed germinated, sprouted and grew until 50 years after the Miracle of La Dolorosa, and 60 years after the death of Fr Moscoso, religious processions were once again allowed in Quito and still are performed with fervor throughout the year on various feast days!

[ Fr. Emilio Moscoso's Pall]
Certainly, the Masons are still alive and well in Ecuador.  It is said that the same secret Masonic societies that existed at the time of Garcia Moreno and Fr. Moscoso are the same that plague the Catholic Church, society and the government there now… and they are flourishing… and the Catholic Faith has been attacked and diminished because of Masonry.  Yes, the Protestant churches are rapidly evangelizing all over Ecuador and the Novus Ordo brand of Catholicism is the Catholicism of the day in Ecuador etc.

 Yet, one must remember that Our Lady promised that Garcia Moreno’s Act of Consecration of Ecuador to the Sacred Heart would sustain the Faith in Ecuador during these times!  I must admit in some of my last visits to Ecuador, I was beginning to wonder...  However, this most recent visit renewed my faith and my belief in the prophecies and the words of Our Lady of Good Success. Upon my return to Ecuador this year, I personally was a witness to seeing the Catholic Faith in action in the person of Fr. Jose Benetiz and some of the other religious in Ecuador along with many lay people. Let us pray for Ecuador and the Catholics there and ask Our Lady to regenerate the Catholic Faith via new Ecuadorean victim and martyr souls again as Heaven did over 100 yrs. ago so that we may truly see a Restoration not only in Ecuador, but universally as well!  Let us cast our sights on the old Ecuador of Gabriel Garcia Moreno and pray for a future time in history when all of the countries of the world will look to her and see that Ecuador was and is truly a template for a Catholic Nation and beg Heaven to send us holy men and women who will realize the significance of Consecrating not only themselves and their families but also their countries to the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts of Jesus and Mary!  Then and only then will we see the true and lasting peace Our Lady promised us!

Prayer for the Beatification of
Fr. Victor Emilio Moscoso
Victim of the Profanation and Sacrilege
of May 4, 1897 in Riobamba

Divine Father, Source of all Holiness:

Thou who entrusted thy servant, Victor Emilio Moscoso, with the sacrificial ministry so that he could continually renew the sacrament of the Eucharist and associate his life with the desecrations and sacrileges against the Most Holy Sacrament committed in Riobamba on May 4, 1897, grant us through thy kindness and infinite mercy, the graces that we need through the intercession, and glorification of thy servant so that the Sacrament of the Infinite Love of Thy Divine Son may be for Thy Church a sign of unity and a bond of charity through Jesus Christ Our Lord. Amen.

With Ecclesiastical Approval


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