[Although we cannot verify the truth of this occurrence of the cross in the sky, (we know there are ways to photoshop images into photographs), we know that the Cross will be used in these times to bestow grace, hope and courage in the Faithful Catholics in these times. The Ukrainians may be one of the most persecuted nations in the 20th Century under the cruel rod of Communism. Additionally we have posted the 3 latest Special Editions of the Chiesa viva in order to help people to understand the era in which we live and to give people hope for the future.]

  I wish to preface this post with the words from the prophecies give to Marie Julie Jahenny during her apparitions this was from July 21, 1925: 

«The Immaculate Heart and the Sacred Heart will protect the faithful during punishments and ruins. They will proclaim the victory of the Cross. “Dear children, do not tremble.” My Mother’s heart will save you with the Divine Heart and the despised Cross will shine in the firmament in a white and golden cloud and a ray of love will form the words: Right souls, souls chosen to live again after these disasters, go to the ruins that the punishments have struck, keep in your heart the tree of life (i.e. the Cross) the carrier of the Savior of the world, the choice of His Love.»



[The picture and the following information was taken off of Facebook- verification of the truth of this happening as not been available yet]:
UKRAINE: The Illuminating Cross appeared in the sky over Ukraine 2 times in the last three days!
UKRAINE: The Illuminating Cross appeared in the sky over Ukraine 2 times in the last three days! The Monastery of San Miguel of the Golden Domes is a monastery operating in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine.
The monastery is located on the right bank of the Dnjepar River, on the edge of the cliff northeast of the Cathedral of Santa Sofia.
And right in the sky above the Golden Monastery, something mysterious happened, accidentally or not during these days of war. The mysterious white CROSS appeared in the sky over the Ukrainian capital, manifesting right next to the golden dome of the cathedral, a foreign portal writes.
A cross in the sky is seen 2. March 2022 thanks to live footage from the surveillance camera of the San Miguel Monastery Protector of this city. In the photo taken with the camera video we can see the white cross under the cloud within a short distance from the dome of the Santa Cathedral. The image analysis excludes the lense or glare of the lens because at that time it was very cloudy over the city and therefore there was no sunlight. The picture shows the Christian cross, a symbol of faith and hope.
It is no coincidence that the cross appeared over the St. Mihovila Cathedral that was demolished by Soviet authorities in 1930. the year, and restored and completed in 1991. The years, the years Ukraine was declared independence. This cross is clearly a message to Russia that has attacked Ukraine these days and launched a very violent war action.
Yesterday in the sky over Kherson in Ukraine, a luminous cross appeared again.
However, with some news from more reliable sources, we see the true Christian/Catholic Faith being shown in the video below.  
From the internet it states: "Powerful act of faith by the Ukrainian people. Christians believe that Jesus Christ is truly present in the Holy Eucharist! The White flag on the car indicates the mission and prayer of peace! Recorded the 1st of March 2022!"
From a friend who sent this link: "Here’s the answer, His Divine Eucharistic Majesty travelling the streets. The demons flee in terror, their wicked power being broken. Jesus Reigns, Alleluia!! We can do our bit by sprinkling holy water on our own street, and bless and protect our own homes by surrounding them with holy water and blessed salt, invoking the guardian Angel of the city to drive the demons out. Priests could bless the parish and city with the Blessed Sacrament in the monstrance, from the doorway of the church."


About that Sign in the Sky- is it a Warning? Before Three Days of Darkness


    • As late as 1965, the three days of darkness was spoken of again in a holy person in Europe: "The Divine fire and the fire of hell will arrive and last during the days of darkness indicated by all the saints. My luminous cross will appear in the sky, it will be the sign that the final events are close, and will remind all of My terrible passion, so that they will have time to reflect, for I shall not punish the world without previous announcement. All will have time to comprehend the significance of that cross in the sky, and everyone shall see it. All will know, even those who reject it, that this My cross will be the sign that a Redeemer came once to bring salvation and pardon. My cross will be honored as never before. 


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