The Grandeurs of St Michael


~~Weapons for Our Times-The Chaplet and Lent of St. Michael ~~ Have you ever been in a crisis? Have you ever felt spiritually, mentally, emotionally and even physically oppressed? Spinning your wheels at every turn in the road… in every avenue of your life? Well, it may be time to enlist St. Michael’s help and Heavenly assistance! I recall that our dear friend, Anne Cillis, - a spiritual daughter of Padre Pio and Third Order Franciscan under Mary Pyle- had a very strong devotion to St. Michael and she had always encouraged me to say the “Chaplet of St. Michael.” This prayer is recommended to be done in times of spiritual combat. In a revelation to Sister Antonia d’Astonaco, approved in 1851, St. Michael promised the following benefits to those who would pray often the nine special invocations to the nine Choirs of Angels, to honor him and to Glorify God: an Angel from each choir will accompany you as you approach Holy Communion, and, along with Saint Michael, Holy Angels will provide continual assistance during your lifetime. After death, you will be delivered from Purgatory. These benefits are extended to your direct family. This is in The Grandeurs of St Michael the Archangel. Padre Pio himself observed what is called the Lent of St. Michael. It begins on the Feast of the Assumption, Aug. 15th until Michaelmas Day- the Feast of St. Michael on Sept. 29th. 

Not only did Padre Pio pray to St. Michael for himself, but he prayed to St. Michael for all of his spiritual children around the world and encouraged all to have devotion to him. He even gave penances for confession to pray to St. Michael or to visit the shrine to St. Michael in Gargano. In the 1940’s one of his spiritual daughters, Lina Fiorellini, had gone to Padre Pio for advice and he wrote to her: “May St. Michael protect and defend you from the infernal enemy.”

She took all advice from Padre Pio very seriously. She happened to own a copy of a book that had been written in 1869 by a Fr. Nicola Ricci on the Lent of St. Michael. She thought this book to be very essential to bring people to a devotion to St. Michael, but this book was very old and out of print. She asked Padre Pio if she should have it reprinted. He encouraged her to do so. She enlisted that help of a Fr. Cosimo Petino with an Imprimatur to this book once again in 1948. Instead of the 40 meditations, it was reduced to 31 so as to accommodate a month with St. Michael and retitled it: The Grandeurs of St Michael the Archangel. It was reprinted again in 1958 by spiritual son of Padre Pio, Fr. Marcel Bouzon, in gratitude for his assistance throughout his life. It is not an easy book to find and we have scanned it and put on our blog on our website. It is truly a gem worth having!

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