Prayer to St. Gabriel

Dear St. Gabriel, celestial ambassador of the Incarnation of the Divine Word, illuminate my intelligence so that I may know and understand the truths of our Catholic Faith.  Erase all of my doubts that I might have in regards to God’s mercy and justice.  Through the intercession of Our Lady of Good Success and Mother Mariana, please grant my request.

St Gabriel pray for us!

Prayer to St. Michael

Dear St. Michael, celestial defender of the Faith, strengthen my weak heart and expand it that it might receive the abundance of divine grace.  Secure in me the virtue of humility; help me to realize my unworthiness and ignorance so that I may be freed from any danger from the proud evil spirits who disobeying God hurled themselves from Heaven into the deep abyss.  Through the intercession of Our Lady of Good Success and Mother Mariana please grant this request.

St Michael pray for us!

Prayer to St. Raphael

Dear St. Raphael, celestial messenger from Heaven and remedy of Divine Love, cure my blindness of the mind so that I may believe in the Way, the Truth and the Life.  Illuminate my mind and heart so that I may realize that in all of the sufferings and crosses that I may endure in this life, I receive graces and favors as Our Lord wishes to give me so that He may lead me on the pathway to Heaven. Through the intercession of Our Lady of Good Success and Mother Mariana, please grant this request.

St Raphael pray for us!

Prayer to the Archangels (2)

Holy Princes and faithful messengers of the Sovereigns of Heaven, I thank thee for the lights with which thou hast illuminated my understanding and strengthened by heart and dissipated the blindness of my eyes. I, who am the least of all of the creatures that exist upon the earth, praise the Lord for all of the marvelous things He has done in me.

Dear Archangels, I, who am deserving of nothing, beseech thee, go now to Our Lord and Our Lady of Good Success and intercede for me, as this poor servant desires to prostrate himself before Them and submit to whatever they desire.  As my heart and my entire being belongs to Them, may I, like a small drop of dew, lose myself in the immensity of the Divine Being.

Prayer to Our Lady of Good Success of Candlemas Day (3)

Our Lady of Good Success, Queen of Angels, sustain us in these ill-fated times of the Church.  Grant us the perseverance in order to practice virtue only acquired by the wound of the relentless battle we fight under the most holy gaze of God.

Dear Mother, we implore you to give us the valor and strength needed so that we may not waiver in our faith nor forsake our vocation in this life.  Grant that our tears which we shed in this life be gathered up by the Holy Angels and presented before the throne of God assuming an immense valor as they are united to the sufferings and tears of our dear Savior, Jesus Christ.

Hail Most Holy Daughter of God the Father, pray for us.

Hail Most Holy Mother of God the Son, pray for us.

Hail Most Pure Spouse of the Holy Ghost, pray for us.

Hail Most Holy Temple and Sacrarium of the Most Holy Trinity, pray for us.

Prayer to St. Francis of Assisi (4)

St Francis of Assisi, Seraphic Father who assists all souls who invoke you, intercede for me in these difficult times of spiritual hunger and emptiness.  Pray to Our Lady of Good Success so that I may increase in virtue, bless and support me so that I may finally be found worthy to enter into Eternal Happiness.

Salve Sancta Parens (5)

Hail, holy Mother, thou who didst bring forth the King who rules heaven and earth for ever and ever. (Ps. 44: 2) My heart hath uttered a good word: I speak my works to the King. v. Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Ghost, as it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be, world without end.

Magnificat (6)

"My soul doth magnify the Lord, and my Spirit hath rejoiced in God my Savior."
"Because He hath regarded the humility of His handmaid; for behold, from henceforth all generations shall call me blessed."
"For He that is mighty has done great things to me; and holy is His Name."
"And His mercy is from generation to generations, to them that fear Him."
"He hath showed might in His arm; He hath scattered the proud in the conceit of their heart."
"He hath put down the mighty from their seat, and hath exalted the humble."
"He hath filled the hungry with good things and the rich he hath sent empty away."
"He hath received Israel His servant, being mindful of His mercy,"
"As He spoke to our fathers, to Abraham and to his seed forever."

1 These prayers are based on the words of the Archangels that appeared to Mother Mariana on January 20, 1610.  On this night, Mother Mariana  was praying to Our Lord, Jesus Christ to be able to offer some proof of her strong love for Him.   Her love for Christ rivaled that of the angelic spirits.  As a result of this prayer, the three archangels appeared to Mother Mariana to strengthen and prepare her for the appearance of Our Lady with all of the prophetic messages she was to give her and for the encouragement to obey the request for a statue to be made for this devotion.

2 Prayers based on the words of Mother Mariana to the Angelic spirits in response to their appearance on the same night as mentioned above.

3 Prayer formed from the words of Our Queen to Mother Mariana on January 16, 1611.

4 Prayer inspired by the apparition on January 16, 1611 in which St. Francis appears along with  the angels to finish the statue of Our Lady of Good Success.  St. Francis places the cord around the waist of the statue.

5 The Hymn which the angels sang as the statue was completed

6 Hymn sung by Our Lady as she entered into the completed statue on January 16, 1611

The Miraculous Completion of the Statue of Our Lady of Good Success

Our Lady of Good Success had requested that a certain sculptor, Francisco del Castillo, who was known not only for his artistic ability but also for his virtue and devotion to the Blessed Mother, create the statue.  This sculptor worked long and hard on this statue.  When he was about to put the finishing coat of paint on the statue he decided he would go  to find the best paints he could acquire that would be the most fitting for the faces of Mother of God and the Infant Jesus.

While he was gone something miraculous happened.  From the very first apparition, Our Lady had promised that she, herself, would see to the completion of this statue.  While the sculptor was away, Mother Mariana and the other sisters went to the choir loft to implore Our Lady of Good Success to keep her promise.  The night before the artist was to return, Mother Mariana was alone praying in the choir loft.  Suddenly Our Lady of Good Success appeared with the Archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael along with St. Francis.  The Archangels acknowledging their Queen bowed and intoned this prayer:

St Michael said: "Hail to Thee, Mary Most Holy Daughter of God the Father”.

St Gabriel said: "Hail to Thee, Mary Most Holy Mother of God the Son”.

St Raphael said: "Hail to Thee, Mary Most Holy, Most Pure Spouse of the Holy Ghost”.

All together they chanted:

“Hail to Thee, Mary Most Holy Temple and Sacrarium of the Most Holy Trinity”.

Then, in the twinkling of an eye the statue was completed.  The statue became animated as Mary walked into the statue itself.  Our Lady of Good Success began to sing the “Magnificat”. This occurred on the morning of January 16, 1611 at 3:00 AM.  A choir of heavenly spirits began to sing “Salve Sancta Parens” which awakened the rest of the convent.  The sisters rushed to the choir loft and found the statue transformed and surrounded by a heavenly light.  What a surprise awaited Francisco del Castillo when he returned with his paints in hand to finish the statue that very next day!

The designated day for the official blessing of the statue by the bishop was set for February 2, 1611. On that day Our Lady of Good Success was placed above the seat of the Abbess chair at her own specific request as a sign to all that she was the one who governed and watched over the convent. Her official title being that of  “Mary of Good Success of the Purification”.

Prior to the feast day of February 2 a nine day novena was said in honor of Our Lady of Good Success.  This practice continues even to this very day almost 400 years later.


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