Dear Friends,

Sometimes we wish to beg Our Lady of Good Success for her miraculous intercession, but we just can't bear to put those intentions into writing.

For those of you who have these feelings and thoughts, this page is dedicated to you!

You know that God, Our Lady and even Heaven - if God wills it - knows our good intentions and prayerful wishes for ourselves, our family and friends and even the world!

Therefore, all you need to do it type your name here in the comment section below and we will make sure that your intentions will be delivered to Our Lady of Good Success and placed at the feet of the miraculous statue in Quito!

Oh, and one thing, do not be like the ungrateful lepers who forgot to thank Our Lord for His cure or favors that He granted those He came in contact with while He was on this earth!

Testimonies of Heaven's miraculous intervention is a way to express our thanks! They even  encourage and give people hope, and most importantly, may convert the most hardened of hearts! 

 We must remember to be like the grateful leper, recognize our sinfulness and helplessness, return to Him who helped us and give thanks and honor!

We must remember to remain recollected at all times and realize that nothing happens to us - good or bad- without God's Divine permission and/or intervention!

To enter your name for your special intentions, click here:


Our Lady, Our Queen and Our Mother, in the Name of Jesus and for the Love of Jesus, please take this cause into thy hands and grant it good success!

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