‘Star of the stormy sea of my mortal life, may your light shine upon me so that I do not stray from the path that leads me to heaven.’

Devotion to Our Lady has never been so crucial to the life of our souls due to the present situation in the Church. Moreover, not only is it important for the life of our souls but also for the life of the Church, itself.  In recent times, the Blessed Mother has visited us with instructions on how to conduct ourselves in order to get to heaven. As a result, we have recourse to her under a variety of titles.

However there is one title that brings to mind true and certain hope in these desperate times, times which have the ability to tempt the most conscientious of Catholics today to despair. As concerned parents, we are battle-weary from fighting the various “demons” in all different realms—not just the spiritual. We struggle to protect our children from the evils of our society and culture-public and parochial schools, various modes of mass media such as TV, Internet and all sorts of “mainstream entertainment” available to our children...and yes, even bad companions. As providers for our families, we are barely making ends meet with the roller coaster ride of Economy. Yes, we are being attacked on all levels of life to the very depth of our souls. We find ourselves exhausted, indifferent or even worse yet, in the state of depression. It is clear that the enemies of our Faith, Family and country are gaining ground.

In spite of all of this, there is truly a solution to every problem and it lies in the quotation of Mother Mariana that introduced this article.  We have a weapon to fight these “principalities and powers” that are not of flesh and blood. That weapon is this specific devotion to Our Lady of Good Success which has an interesting prophecy attached to it. Our Lady of Good Success prophesied that the devotion to her under this title which was popular in the 1600’s would fall away but it would again see a resurgence in the Twentieth Century, an era in which we would sorely need to “gird our loins” for battle.

...With the weapon of “Good Success” we can not fail in our battle for our souls and others’ souls. With Our Lady of Good Success beside us, a good success in Victory is certain… A Victory that most certainly can be ours!

This above highlight was taken from an article written by Kathleen Heckenkamp

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