Encounter with History


By: Francisco Salazar Alvarado

200 pages


On discovering the body of Gabriel Garcia Moreno, on April 15, 1975, an old hand written document was found in a vial inside Garcia Moreno’s casket. This letter documenting the reason why Garcia Moreno’s body was exhumed and taken to another site for burial, was dated April 3, 1883 and signed by a close family friend, Don Rafael Varela.  It begins: “For the Relatives and Friends of the Memory of Doctor Don Gabriel Garcia Moreno”.

Upon finding this document addressed in such a way, the author of this book, Dr Salazar, was very excited as he considered this letter was written personally for him since he had held Garcia Moreno in such high esteem for so many years and had worked so hard to make his name honored by fellow Ecuadorians.  May we be so bold as to include all of you who desire to know the truth about this holy Catholic Leader who loved and honored the Sacred Heart so much that he consecrated and entrusted his beloved country to Him –the King of Kings.  In the end, this brave act was his palm of martyrdom!

Translated from the Spanish

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