Dear Friends,

Since November, 2015, we have asked for prayers for our dear friend, Michelle Cascio. (For those who are new to this story click here to read about her)

Michelle was pregnant when she was diagnosed with 2 types of Cancer- one being pancreatic.  Since the beginning of her prognosis, Michelle, her family, friends and this Apostolate and its members have been praying to Our Lady of Good Success for a cure for Michelle.  Additionally, the Conceptionist Sisters in Quito, Ecuador, have been placing this petition for Michelle's cure at the feet of the Miraculous Statue of Our Lady of Good Success.  

 Because she was pregnant with their little girl, she chose not to receive chemo and radiation, but took another of alternative health therapies.  It has now been almost 1 1/2 years since her initial and official diagnosis. And she has been gradually improving!

However, recently, in March, 2017, she visited her alternative doctor, Dr Kevin Conners, St. Elmo, MN:   and he found that her immune system was low making him concerned that she was a target for the return of the cancer.  He told her to continue her treatment at home but instead of coming in a few months she needed  to come and return in a few weeks for more therapy.  (Upon questioning Michelle, this writer discovered that Michelle admitted to having slacked in the alternative treatment because she was feeling so great and she began to think she no longer needed to do the therapy.  Also, since she was feeling so well she wondered if she may have, in fact, received an instantaneous cure from Our Lady!)

In early April, 2017, Michelle endured a terrific bout of intense pain in which she feared the return of cancer.  This pain sent her to the Emergency Room at St. Mary's.  The doctors performed a CT scan and blood work to determine the cause of this pain. To her and her family's profound relief, the doctors told her that there was no indication that the cancer had returned.  They found nothing to raise concerns in either her CT scan or her bloodwork!

Her alternative doctor, to whom she has placed her trust in and who has recommended certain therapies, says she has been steadily improving and has been extremely pleased with the progress she has been making.  On her last appt., he told her that she was back on track and in fact, on one of his tests, she scored very high and told her she could have a party! ;)

Michelle attributes this gift of the progressive return of her health to God and Our Lady of Good Success.  She believes Our Lady has guided her through this journey of health every day!  It was our pleasure to join Michelle on a visit to the doctor and talk with her. Please listen to Michelle's wonderful testimony of love and protection from Our Lady and Our Lord for her. Click here.
God bless you Michelle and the Cascio family!  
May Heaven continue to shine on you!