Let us prepare for The Beginning of the 2023 Official Novena

to Our Lady of Good Success
of the 

Dear Friends, 
Let us begin this novena by lifting our minds and hearts to God and Our Lady of Good Success asking that they make us saints so as to be able to reach Heaven.
As this apostolate was preparing for the novena this January, I was organizing my papers that I have accrued over the years and I came across an important document printed in 1946.  I had obtained in pdf form in Spanish from a library that I have now long since forgotten.  I spent my past days trying to find how I received it, but I am at a loss.  This half printed document was in my office in a stack of papers that I needed to weed through. 
Needless to say, this was a gem and I was distressed to discover I only had half of the document and I needed to find the other half. Right before Mother Mariana's feast day on January 16th as I was looking through my files, I found the pdf's!  It was a very happy occasion and yes, a Good Success! 
Previous to this finding, I wondered what I could do to continue to spread this devotion.  I believe my prayer was answered in this finding! It is a rather large document; so not all of it has been translated yet so forgive me for having to condense the story a bit.  But an important part of this pdf was translated into English and we share it with you today.
 I will share with you the the sermon from 1941 before the Great Miracle occurred in which Our Lady of Good Success became lifelike by opening and closing her eyes.  Thousands of Quitaneans witnessed this event and news of this event was published in numerous papers around Ecuador.
The priest that wrote the sermon was Fr. Benjamin Rafael Ayora y Cueva.  He was the primary Chaplain of the Conceptionists and knew very well the prophecies and history of Buen Suceso.
In this document you will see that this good chaplain confidently begged Our Lady to intervene for her children in Ecuador and ask her to turn her eyes of mercy toward them at this time! 
And amazingly that is exactly what she did - for all of her children of Quito to witness.  You will also notice that he refers to a previous incident in which he witnessed her become lifelike and open and close her eyes when he was in her presence.
I must remark that I, too, though not seeing her open and close her eyes, I have seen her change her countenance where at one moment she is grave and serious and then later she seems to ever so slightly smile! At other times, most often, I have seen her look to be crying as she seems to be gazing out at her  children of Ecuador.


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Sermon From July 1941 

 I ask is that please include me and our family in your novena if you will.
It would be so appreciated!
EVERYONE please do your part to share these nine days with others so that this devotion spreads as Our Lady wishes!