"I Am the Queen of Heaven..."

 Dear Friends,  

The recent Maui fires in August left me searching for answers as to how this could have happened...many theories are circulating on the internet.  Will we ever know the truth about this event?  I don't know. However, if we were to put this event in a spiritual perspective, perhaps we could at least get an idea of the reason and perhaps even what we all may have in store for us in the future... They called it a "firestorm" or "hurricane of fire."  Videos displayed this event in all of its horror! I caused me to recall the events surrounding the approved apparitions of Our Lady of Good Help, I find it appropriate to share my thoughts with youalong with a short account and documents.

As I find similarities in Maui fires and the great Peshitgo fire that is closely tied to the apparition site and her apparition itself.

In both cases, the fires  destroyed everything in its path with very few things being spared. In the Peshtigo Fire, a priest, Fr. Pete Perrin, wrote an account for posterity.  He was spared by jumping in the Peshtigo River for 5 hours.  1500 people died in the Peshtigo Fire making it the Number 1 most devastating fire in the USA - greater than the Chicago fire that occurred at the same time. (Click on the picture of a rendition of the Peshtigo Fire to read Fr Perrin's account)

 Part 1 Will be continued but the account of Our Lady and Adele is below


On October 1, the annual novena to Our Lady of Good Help will take place. Would you like to join us? Her feast day is October 9th and this is a Church approved devotion. It is based on the apparitions of a young Belgian lady named, Adele Brice, who arrived in Wisconsin and lived in Northern area in southern area of what is now known as Door County. She had come to the US rather relunctantly because she had wanted to join her girlfriends in joining the religious life in Belgium. However, her spiritual director advised her to go with her family to the United States and that if Our Lady really wanted her to become a religious she would make this known to her there.

So she sadly obeyed. On August 15th, 1859, Adele Brice was walking along an Indian trail with grain on her head to deliver to the mill in Robinsonville. Suddenly, a lady dressed in white appeared between a maple and a hemlock tree. This frightened Adele and she wondered who this woman was. She disappeared after a few moments leaving a small white cloud behind. Adele wondered if this woman could be a poor soul in need of prayers. She saw the lady again which also frightened her so much that she asked her confessor what she should do. He calmed her nerves and told her that when she saw her again (and it seemed that he believed that she would) that she should address the vision in this manner: "In the name of God, who are you and what do you want?"

On October 9th, 1859, the magnificently beautiful lady appeared in the same spot between the two trees and the following dialogue occured.

Adele:    In God’s name, who are you, and what do you desire of me?” 

Virgin Mary:   “I am the Queen of Heaven, who prays for the conversion of sinners, and I wish you to do the same.” (She spoke in a soft, sweet voice – “the sound was heavenly.”) “You were at Holy Communion this morning.” 

Adele: Yes, dear lady.” 



Virgin Mary:  You have done well, but I wish you to do more. Pray for nine days. Go, and make a general confession and offer your Holy Communion for the conversion of sinners. If they do not convert themselves and do penance, my Son will be obliged to punish them.”

Meanwhile, the others could tell that Adele was seeing someone
and talking with her. They kept asking her, “
Who is she? What is she saying? Is she the poor soul from Belgium? Who is it?” Adele
heard her friends and told them to kneel because
“she said she was the Queen of Heaven.” When Theresa complained about not being able to see her, Adele saw the Virgin Mary look kindly at Theresa and say,

Virgin Mary:   “Blessed are they that believe and do not see. (then back to Adele:) What are you doing here in idleness, while your companions are working in the vineyard of My Son? 

A:     (crying) “What more can I do, dear Lady?”

Virgin Mary: “Gather the children in this wild country and teach them what they should know for salvation.

A:     “How can I teach them when I know so little, myself?” 

Virgin Mary:“I do not mean the science of the world. Teach them their catechism, how to sign themselves with the sign of the cross, and how to approach the sacraments, that they may know and love My Son; otherwise, the people here will lose their faith.”

A: “With God’s grace, and the help of your intercession, I promise, dear Lady, to be faithful to what you bid me.” 

Virgin Mary:“Go and fear nothing. I will help you.” 

This writer is of the opinion that this message was not just for Adele but for all of us that are living "in this wild country". For if ever there was a time that our nation has felt "wild and untamed" during my lifetime it is right now. People are turning to pagan and even Satanic practices. Some look even more ferocious than some uncivilized peoples of old. We, then, must be called to catechize our children. If we don't take this message seriously, I fear that God will be forced to chastise all of us.

Over the past 20 years, I have written about Our Lady of Good Success. How she implored Mother Mariana to be a victim soul for our times. Have we heeded her message which in essence has this message of Our Lady of Good Help included within?

Our Lady of Good Success warned that "...the Masonic Sect, having infiltrated all the social classes, will be so subtle as to introduce itself into domestic ambiences in order to corrupt the children, and the Devil will glory in dining upon the exquisite delicacy of the hearts of children... "

It seems looking back over 160 years ago, Our Lady could foresee if we were not going to catechize our children correctly, they would grow up Godless and graceless - generation after generation- until this present day in which people who should be defending their Catholic Faith and left it and some even have joined other sects that are known enemies of the Church.

So in closing, for I could write much more. I ask you to join us in a prayer to Our Lady of Good Help during this time and also for those who pray the daily rosary, remember to ask her help in catechizing your children and grandchildren and all young ones placed in our path toward Heaven as we are only pilgrims working to get to our destination.

Article in the Catholic Herald May 23,1935.  Interview by Sr. Pauline who was a student and then predecessor of Sr Adele Brice.