As the Feast of Christ the King is here in just a few days, we thought it appropriate to honor Our King by reminding people of our duty to Him in speaking the Truth about our Faith which entails the Truth about Biblical Six Days of Creation. He is the Author of Truth, and Life.

 Many of Our Apostolate Expressed a Desire to Go to this Conference. Since being introduced to Hugh Owen and the educational materials of the Kolbe Center, we know that educating the entire world starting with Catholics is essential for the True Restoration of the Church and World.

Here are links from Sensus Fidelium.

This is a note from Hugh Owen on the conference:

Originally, as you know, we intended to have Ms. Pamela Acker sit for an interview on the topic of GMO food concerns with another qualified scientist.  However, due to unforeseen circumstances and last-minute health issues, she was unable to do so in time for the seminar, nor within a few months after.

Rather than wait any longer, we've decided instead to forward a similar type of presentation, in PDF book format, which speaks to the same concerns of GMO food from a holistic perspective, written with the consult of various well-qualified scientists.

Also, below please find the Sensus Fidelium links to the seminar talks of Fr. Chad Ripperger and Mr. Hugh Owen, with Q&A segments.  If you know someone who attended the seminar but did not receive this email- please forward this email as many attendees did not have their own email address listed.  Thank you and God Bless you for your interest in learning and spreading Christ's Truth!


Seminar Day 1 (Hugh Owen)



Seminar Day 1 (Fr. Ripperger)



Seminar Day 1 Q&A



Seminar Day 2 (Hugh Owen)


Seminar Day 2 (Fr. Ripperger and Q&A)


Information as promised. Book by Hugh Owen on GMO Food. Please click on photo below for the pdf.

 Mr. Hugh Owen has asked all of his friends to pray to St. Philomena for the Kolbe Center and the special intentions that they have for their work.


Novena to St. Philomena


Illustrious Virgin and Martyr, Saint Philomena, behold us prostrate before the throne

Whereon it has pleased the Most Holy Trinity to place thee.

Full of confidence in thy protection, we entreat thee to intercede for us with God.

Ah! From the heights of Heaven deign to cast a glance upon thy humble clients.

Spouse of Christ, sustain us in suffering, fortify us in temptation,

Protect us in the dangers surrounding us, obtain for us the graces necessary for us,

And in particular the spiritual and financial support necessary to fulfill the mission of the Kolbe Center.