Part 3
"O Lord, save me: O Lord, give good success."
[Psalms 117:25]


Arriving in Quito in April during Lent, provided us with the much-needed penance to beg Heaven for a “good success” for our research.  Though the Vatican had made the announcement of its decision of Fr. Emilio Moscoso’s martyrdom and having died due to “Hatred for the Faith,” we were driven to dig deeper into this story so as to verify the truths of his martyrdom and also bear testimony to a sanctified soul through research. It was important to this Apostolate – due to the confusion coming out of the Vatican- that if we were to announce verification of the prophecy we needed to be able to substantiate that, in fact, this man- this priest- was the same man of the prophecy and that he is a saint in heaven!

On April 9th, the Apostolate was able to visit with and interview the Postulator of the Cause for Emilio Moscoso SJ, Fr. Jose Benetiz SJ, who was born in Riobamba, Ecuador and is now 88 yrs. old. He had been ordained a Jesuit in Mexico City and his first Mass was offered at the Feet of Our Lady of Guadalupe.  His second Mass was on the tomb of Blessed Fr. Miguel Pro.  Little did he know at that time that his life’s work would involve proving the sanctity of and assisting to the Altars -another Jesuit priest martyr – Fr. Emilio Moscoso! He is the most knowledgeable expert on the subject of this Servant of God. He began to write a book on Fr. Moscoso about the time the Cause for his Beatification started some 21 yrs. ago. He now lives in a Jesuit retirement community in Quito, but he is extremely active promoting the Catholic Faith with his writing!

The Archbishop of Riobamba at the time, Victor Alejandro Corral Mantilla gave him a special blessing and he then received the original documents about Fr. Moscoso.  Most of the biographical work here is from Fr. Jose Benetiz, obtained from our interview with him or his writings. It was a great honor to meet this truly humble yet educated and devoted Jesuit!  We thank Heaven for this grace to have met him and to delve into his writings to uncover the wealth of factual evidence in favor of the proof of this sanctity of Fr. Emilio Moscoso…