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Electoral Fraud in Ecuador. Lasso and Páez will contest the result.

Several irregularities indicate that Rafael Correa orchestrated a "computer fraud" in the second round of elections for the benefit of his hand chosen successor and former vice-president, Lenin Moreno, to the detriment of Guillermo Lasso, who was considered a winner in the exit polls.

An inflated voter register, acts of vote tampering, a nearly-half-hour "electoral blackout" and a video circulating on social networks with soldiers removing boxes via the roof of the National Electoral Council (CNE).

These facts, among other irregularities, have led Guillermo Lasso and Andrés Páez, candidates for president and vice president of Ecuador, to denounce as fraudulent the official result of the second round of voting (ballot) held on Sunday, April 2, and to challenge it.

Official results, with more than 97% of the votes counted, point to the victory of Lenin Moreno, a pro-government candidate, [President Rafael Correa's hand picked candidate], with 51% of the votes and Guillermo Lasso, a candidate in opposition to the socialist regime of Rafael Correa, with 49%.

In statements to Actuall, in front of the CNE facilities in Quito, Andres Paez said that they will not allow the legitimate right of the people to elect their rulers at the polls to be violated. "We will not allow any dictatorship to continue on the basis of this miserable fraud. We hope that the international community will be in solidarity with the Ecuadorian people who are suffering under a tyranny that is disguised as a democracy, "said the sociologist and jurist.


He said that there are indications that the electoral count has been "inflated" artificially since the Electoral Council stated that until the end of day of the Run-Off Election, the vote of 13 million 100 thousand people and that they are still missing to scrutinize 1 million and a half . "But it turns out that the total number of voters is just over 12 million 700 thousand people, so there are a number of 'votes' that are being counted that do not correspond with the truth," he explained.

A few hours earlier, at a press conference, Lasso announced that all electoral districts will be challenged and that observations on the process will be presented by institutional channels in the shortest possible time to ensure that the reported vote results of all electoral districts are reviewed vote by vote.

He also reported that he spoke with Luis Almagro, Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), to inform him of the irregularities recorded in the process.


Blackout at the CNE

Lasso noted that there was a "crash" in the CNE's computer system. A "blackout" that caused the entity's website to crash for almost 30 minutes and paralyzed the recording of data when they had accounted for around 20% of the votes cast.

This was around 18:30, [6:30 pm] when Lasso had 7 percentage points of advantage over Moreno. It was an hour and a half after the polls closed. The results of exit polls of the country's principal polling companies placed Lasso with between 5 and 7 percentage points above Moreno.

At 18:55 [6:55 pm] the web page came back online. But 90 percent of the vote cast were already counted. This means that in less than 30 minutes was integrated into the system, which was in trouble, an immense volume of records, much greater than the advance of the first hour and a half.

In this new situation Moreno appeared now ahead of Lasso with 2 percentage points
At 19 hours, [7:00 pm] five minutes after the electoral center computer "came back online,"  Lenin Moreno, hand-picked by President Raphael Moreno, began to say that he had won. And after 20:00 [8:00 pm] declared his victory "based on what the official irreversible results indicated."

A CNE official reveals that around 6:30 pm all the people who worked on the counting of the minutes were removed from the premises A few minutes to "reset" the system

He was accompanied by President Nicolas Maduro with whom he sang "Venceremos," the hymn of the leftist Popular Union alliance that brought Salvador Allende to power in Chile in 1970. Lasso called the "the alleged computer crash" a "gross fraud" that can not be tolerated in any truly democratic country.

Suspicious mobilization

An audio recording to which Actuall had access, from the relative of a CNE official, reveals that around 18:30 [ 6:30 pm] all the personnel who worked in the computerized tabulation of the vote from around the country were evacuated from the electoral central for a few minutes in order to "reset " the system. When they were allowed to return to work. The election vote count totals had been altered.

At 22 hours [10:00 pm] a large body of concerned citizens took to December 6 Ave. where it intersects with Bosmediano, where the main CNE office is located. The police were already there securing the site.

Shortly after the 23 hours [ 11:00 pm], Army soldiers began to remove, via a CNE building  exit, boxes filled with papers. A recording that was sent to Actuall and circulated on social networks presumes that they were boxes with votes or minutes of votes.

The video was made from a  building close to the electoral center by a family that considered the mobilization suspicious, which happened, as can be seen, as thousands of concerned citizen protesters were demand transparency in the counting of the votes, at the doors of the election central.

Cesar Monge, national president of the party-movement Creating Opportunities (CREO), told the international press that they have evidence that the results of the original vote counts tabulated issued in the local voting centers were not always entered accurately into the CNE computer system.

And he presented as an example where there was an "inversion of results". In box number 6F of Tungurahua, Lasso won with 142 votes. Moreno obtained 89. This according to the original act. When the vote count was tabulated in the CNEs ystem:   Moreno won with 142 votes and Lasso lost with 89.

See article in Spanish below: democracia/fraude-electoral- en-ecuador-lasso-y-paez- impugnaran-el-resultado/?mkt_ tok= eyJpIjoiWWpJNU5tTmlPVGczTUROay IsInQiOiJZNk1VSkFUSkpKWDU0eWln anFcL2wyd1JSbDdiSUJlOVhiWDhSNT VKVzJJU2MzbCtMSkpRMHYxN3Frc1h0 WHM5TWtuMlF1elZjTFU3VzBNWUxGYU NqdmdtK0JHU3BHNjk5K2VIWnVURU1J U0ZDcmZuWFNHK00xeDF3VnlHS043VH YifQ%3D%3D