Day  3 of the Novena to Our Lady of Good Success

A few Testimonials

 Today is a special day for my husband and I ...and as we are celebrating 15 yrs of the Apostolate together, I thought it appropriate to also let you in on a little secret- the 3 day of this Novena is also our Wedding Anniversary!  How many you may ask?  Well I have to admit I am a little embarrassed because then you could estimate our age but given the fact that our oldest is going to be 37 yrs old- I guess I should tell you- it is our 38th anniversary!

So every time Dan and I read the 3rd day of the Novena,  I imagine those Minims climbing the mountain to the safe haven of that little shrine of Our Lady in that terrible storm and thank God for giving me a husband so good and true who  has helped me climb those raggedy rocks of life which are supposed to be leading us up to Heaven!  He has been like one of those Minim brothers all of these years and I am truly grateful and blessed by God and Our Lady to have found him when I was just a young thing of ...How young you may ask???...well  I had a crush on him when I was 13 and had my eye on him ever since!

Nope!  That's not a photo of Dan or I, but an image of St. Francis de Paola- founder of the Brotherhood of the Friars Minor !  Thought you would like to see how the brothers traveled! With staff and garb!

And again we thank God and Our Lady for this beautiful novena to honor Her!  The first time we attempted to download this novena onto our website, our computer started on fire!!! I was so disappointed and distressed as it was only a few days from the starting date.  Dan saw that I was almost at the point of inconsolable and so he offered to bring his work laptop home and so it was that this novena was uploaded in time for the start of the Novena in 2003!

So those are just a few of our many family testimonials and now here are a few more that we just received today and let us continue onward and upward like those Minim Brothers:

1st one is about healings  and ticket problems!

Dear Kathy

Tony and Eileen ... have passed on to me your Novena leaflet which I

commenced today,  some time ago Tony had asked me to let you know of

favours received from making Novenas to Our Lady of Good Success, friend's daughter  was told that the results of her pregnancy test showed that her baby might have Downs Syndrome, (the possibility of terminating the pregnancy was discussed}  my friend  prayed to Our Lady and St Gerard Majella   (I was her sponsor at Confirmation) and I prayed the Novena to Our Lady of Good Success.  Her follow up test showed all was well. 

2.  Prayed a Novena to Our Lady of Good Success that a  family member would not lose his license, and the points he lost because he missed seeing the sign were just under the total and not enough to lose his license,   

Hope these favours from Our Lady encourage others to always rush to Our Lady of Good Success for help.

May God Bless all the work that you do for Our Blessed Mother and may She always protect you and your loved ones under Her Mantle.

m. ps  have had trouble getting this email sent,    actually commenced Novena on 24th. hope this one goes through.


And another today on the subject of a stolen package off the front porch that contained a rosary and its unexpected return:

Hi Kathleen,

I have been trying to reach some one regarding the Rosary and that someone
took the package sent to me, I suspect on 11/2/17 when I was placed inside
the entrance way, they opened it  at some point and when they realized what
it was...they taped the torn package and dropped it in the mail or they  left it
in the  same entry way where the found it.  So, on 12/4/17 I was recovering 
from cataract surgery on my R eye which also has macular degeneration, when
a knock came on my door and I wondered who it could be.  So I asked who was
there and the reply came back  "Carlos.'   "Carlos! the Carlos I know/' as he just
moved a few miles away and he say 'yes,  I came to pick up my mail and I have
a package for you.  So I opened the  door and sure enough, it was Carlos but  I
did not recognize the name of the person  who sent this to me..What can this 
be I wondered as I had forgotten about the Rosary!.  Well, lo and behold, I was
so very excited when I opened it up and saw it was The Rosary fromOLOGS!
What a gift and timing could not be better.  So I believe since it came on the
day of my surgery for the cataract removal performed that I will also be granted
a healing of the macular degeneration  as well!   What a turn of events, eh?!
I  kissed the  medal and  oh was and still am so very grateful to Our Lady of 
Good Success for all of the many Graces I have received from her.    It is 
through this devotion that I finally came to know Her as my mother, too!  What
an awesome Grace... there are no words to express my deep gratitude for
knowing  Our Blessed Mother as  my mother too!   PTL.
So we are on the 2nd day of the Novena and already so much is happening 
in my life spiritually.  Amazing...just amazing....
So please return the monies  to whomever it belongs as I did receive the
Rosary  as mentioned above.    I wrote and called  asking I  owed any
monies to you since I have the Rosary and did not hear until now  about
UPS.  Thank you so very much for all you do and how you have reached 
out to help me.
God bless,
PS:   I do wish they would update the  Prayer/Novena booklet and include
all of the prayers that are on the website as when I go to the Blessed Sacrament
I like to pray all of the prayers.  They are so very beautiful.  I do not say them
all in one sitting but I sur would like to have it handy for whenever, I am moved
by the HolySpirit to prayer to OLOGS and our beloved Church,  Thank you! again,

Prayers for Day 3 of the Novena to Our Lady of Good Success

Act of Repentance  

I believe in Thee, O my God. 
Strengthen, O Lord, my faith.
I hope in Thee, O my God. 
Affirm, O Lord, my hope.
I love Thee, O my God.
Increase, O Lord, my love.
I repent of having offended Thee.
O my God, help me to have contrition,
So that I may, with the help of Thy grace
And the powerful patronage of
Holy Mary of Good Success,
Never sin again.
O Lord, have pity and mercy on me. 

Opening Prayer

O most Excellent and Immaculate Queen of Heaven,
Holy Mary of Good Success,
Most favored Daughter of the Eternal Father,
Most beloved Mother of the Divine Son,
Most cherished Spouse of the Holy Ghost,
Sublime throne of the Divine Majesty,
August Temple of the Holy Trinity,
In whom the Three Divine Persons
Have placed the treasures of
Their Power, Wisdom, and Love!

Remember, Virgin Mary of Good Success,
Whom God has made so great
So that thou canst give succor to miserable sinners;
Remember that thou has often promised to show thyself
A merciful Mother to those who have recourse to thee.
I come to thee then, Mother most merciful,
And I beg thee, for thy love of the Most High,
That thou shouldst obtain for me from God the Father
A lively Faith that never loses sight of the eternal truths;
From the Son, a firm Hope that always aspires to reach that glory
That He won for me with His Blood;
And from the Holy Ghost,
A charity so inflamed that I will always live
Loving the Supreme Goodness and thee,
Most Holy Virgin, until, through thy intervention,
I should love and enjoy thee eternally in glory.

We salute thee Mary, as the Favored Daughter of God the Father.
Hail Mary...
We salute thee Mary, as the Chosen Mother of the Divine Son.
Hail Mary...
We salute thee Mary, as the Singular Spouse of the Holy Ghost.
Hail Mary...
Glory be to the Father...

Consider how the travelers, impelled by grace and attracted by curiosity to examine such surprising wonders, set out for the site offering them refuge. Taking off their shoes, they climbed the hill with great difficulty, helping each other over large boulders and sharp cliffs. When they reached the cave, which they were able to see in the flashes of lightening, how great was their surprise of joy and admiration! For they saw that this cave had been delicately carved by nature as a spacious temple. It protected a beautiful Statue of the Holy Virgin holding the Christ Child in her left arm, and carrying a scepter in her right hand. A precious crown rested on her forehead. Her dress, like that of the Infant, was simple but elegant, and both were made in the same material and style.

The site was adorned with various types of flowers that carpeted the floor and climbed on the walls, filling the air with an exquisite fragrance for the Queen of Heaven. Set in the rock was a lamp so expertly craft ed that it gave off the illumination of many lights. Such beauty and delight to honor such an admirable Lady! Such surprise and admiration for the overwhelmed travelers! The ecstatic pair contemplated this little part of Heaven and calmed their overwrought hearts in the presence of their Mother, who, after the terrible storm, had come to them so unexpectedly, radiant with beauty and tender of feature, to provide them with refuge and consolation in that desperate and difficult juncture.

So also my soul is calmed before the image of Mary. When the burdens of life and its imminent dangers bring us close to despair, let us go, then, to her with tranquility and confidence, thanking God Who in His Omnipotence permitted that portentous statue to be miraculously found in that hidden place for the honor of the Immaculate Virgin and so that all might venerate Her under that precious avocation of Good Success.


O God of Mercy, Who never abandons in desolation one who faithfully and fervently serves Thee amid the misfortunes and dangers of life, and Who leads us to find our Mother and advocate as a refuge in our adversities, grant us a tender and fervent heart to search for Mary and find her, always loving and protective, so that we might serve her and merit, through Thy intercession, to lead a good and Christian life and afterwards be with her forever in Heaven.

Act of Thanksgiving to the Blessed Virgin

O Virgin blessed among all women! We lack the words to give thee thanks for the innumerable blessings that we have received from thy hand. The day of thy birth can be called the day of thanksgiving, happiness, and consolation. Thou art the honor of mankind, the joy of Paradise, the beloved gift of God, and the well being of our country. What merit do we have, Blessed Virgin of Good Success, to deserve to have thee as our Mother? May God be forever blessed Who has desired it so! Blessed also art thou, Virgin Mary, because, despite our ingratitude, thou showest us thy propitious favor.

Thus art thou, most clement Mother, our consolation on earth, our refuge, our help and our protection in both our public and private needs. Safeguard us from war, pestilence, hunger, storms, earthquakes and all the calamities, which we merit by our guilt.. Pray for the Holy Church and for her visible head. Hear the supplications of those who invoke thee. Be thou our Advocate, our Mother, for as thus do we place our confidence in thee. To thee do we have recourse, and through thy intercession we hope to achieve from thy Son pardon for our sins and perseverance in grace until death.  

Here, each one raising up his heart to God, should ask, through the intercession of Blessed Mary of Good Success, that grace or favor which he desires to receive.

Praises to the Holy Virgin

O Virgin Mary, our Mother preeminent above all on earth.
Response: Come to our assistance and show us mercy, because thou art our Mother.

Above all others, thou were attentive to the Word of the Father, who does great things in thy honor.
Response: Come to our assistance and show us mercy, because thou art our Mother.

Thou art the most worthy temple of the Most Holy Trinity.
Response: Come to our assistance and show us mercy, because thou art our Mother.

In thee is that same purity the Angels enjoy.
Response: Come to our assistance and show us mercy, because thou art our Mother.

The Christian world proclaims that thou doth reign on the right side of the King of Kings.
Response: Come to our assistance and show us mercy, because thou art our Mother.

O Mother of Grace! O our hope! Port for the shipwrecked and star of the sea.
Response: Come to our assistance and show us mercy, because thou art our Mother.

Gate of Heaven, health of the sick, light in the darkness.
Response: Come to our assistance and show us mercy, because thou art our Mother.

Through thee, we will find ourselves before God in the court of the Saints, where He lives and reigns.
Response: Come to our assistance and show us mercy, because thou art our Mother.

Guide our steps and help us, O sweet Mary, in our last hours.
Response: Come to our assistance and show us mercy, because thou art our Mother.

Receive this praise from our tender lips, which cannot express thy singular grandeur.
Response: Come to our assistance and show us mercy, because thou art our Mother. 

Antiphon: Holy Mary save the miserable, help the weak, intercede for the afflicted, plead for the 
people, intercede for the clergy, petition for the faithful. Permit all those who celebrate thy holy memory to experience thy favor and assistance. 

V. Pray for us, O Virgin of Good Success!

R. So that we may be made worthy to receive the promises of Christ.

Final Prayer

We ask thee, Our Lord and God, that Thou grant us health of soul and body through the intercession of the glorious Virgin Mary. Through her merits and those of her sovereign Child Jesus, we hope to be freed from the present evils and to attain eternal happiness.