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Novena Starts May 17th thru May 25th
Feast Day of St. Mariana de Jesus is May 26th.

"The soul that obtains the perfection of humility easily attains Divine Love, without adding any other exercise of penance or virtue. Furthermore, never will you find a heart that is filled with humility ever fail nor be emptied of anything when it is also occupied with Divine Love.”

Prayers to be said every day:

Act of Contrition

Prayer: My Sweet Jesus, as You rested among the lilies in your celestial garden, You turned Your eyes from Eternity to the most fragrant Lily of Quito. From the moment of her creation, you provided her with all of the sweet blessings that you bestow upon souls which are to be placed before Your throne; I now prostrate myself before Your Divine Majesty imploring Your divine mercy through the merits of Your faithful servant and affectionate spouse St. Mariana de Jesus. Grant me, Lord, by the imitation of St. Mariana’s heroic virtues, a soul that will emit the fragrance of virtue as hers did, for the glorification of Your most Holy Name. Amen.

My God of Infinite Holiness, One in Being and three in Person, I thank you for the innumerable graces with which you have bestowed upon your most affectionate servant, St. Mariana de Jesus, demonstrated through her example and holy life. O Lord, by the singular benefits that you grant to those who invoke her, with a lively faith in any tribulation, especially in times of plagues and earthquakes, continue to give to all devotees who appeal to you through St Mariana’s intercession the necessary graces. Do not deny the request I ask of You in this novena, if it will assist me to gain eternal salvation. Amen.

Day Four

Prayer: Blessed Mariana de Jesus, you gave to God the honor and the worship due to Him as our Creator and Redeemer.  By manifesting modesty with great reserve as you attended the daily sacrifice of the Mass, and by demonstrating profound humility as you received “The Bread of Angels”, you were admitted by the Divine Mercy into the sacrosanct mysteries.  These sacrosanct mysteries convinced you of the infinite Majesty and greatness of God and the smallness and baseness of man.  Obtain for me from your beloved and loving Spouse the virtue of Faith so that in church and at home, and in all places and at all times, I give praise to Him.  May I glorify with my heart and my lips, and adore Him in spirit and truth as He desires to be adored. Amen.

Now make your request to the Holy Trinity for the special grace which you wish to receive through the merits of Saint Mariana de Jesus.
Say three Our Father’s, Hail Mary’s and Glory be’s.

The city of Cañar is saved from a catastrophe by a miracle of Santa Mariana de Jesus:

Mr. Párroco of the city of Cañar says:  “We would sin unjustly if we did not raise our voices to make evident our gratitude to Saint Mariana by the prodigy whereupon she saved Cañar from the rage of a great fire on the 17 of the month.”

“…Mr. Julio Delgado’s residence which was a gasoline warehouse caught on fire. In an instant, with the explosion of three gas tanks, the blaze in the building was of such a great dimension that the flames of the fire could be seen from a great distance.  Humanly speaking, there was no possible salvation; Cañar would be a complete inferno, since it was lacking of water, its buildings were composed mostly of wood and the airflows circulated in such a way that they would spread the flames quickly and uncontrollably.
In view of this horrifying reality, the population went to the church and carried the statue of Mariana de Jesus before the building that was burning. There I invoked the multitude to pray to her.  A lady who carried a lily in honor of the Saint came out of the crowd, threw it into the flames and at the same time invoked her exclaiming: “Mariana, save us!”
Immediately the fire stopped. When the fire department arrived, the remains of the destroyed house were still burning. The situation looked precarious yet since this smoldering rumble was situated between two wooden houses with more gasoline tanks beneath.   The Firemen removed  four more tanks. On the following day the inhabitants, alone, extinguished the last of the fire which were in the wooden frameworks of the last tanks.  Here, indeed, the greatest miracle which stands out is the fact that the fire managed to be extinguished despite the fact that there was gasoline in the midst of that fire.   In an assembly meeting, the town was so grateful for this singular miracle that they resolved to thank St Mariana de Jesus for saving the town by giving back to her, in proof of recognition, a silver lily in exchange for the one that was meant for her and was thrown into the flames.

Like the parish priest of Cañar, I fulfill the sweetest obligation of representing my town in glorifying the sublime Protectress of Cañar.”

V. Pray for us, St. Mariana de Jesus.

R. So that we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.

Let Us Pray: Oh God, who desired to have bloom in this age, Saint Mariana in virginal chastity and perpetual penance as a  lily among thorns; I pray that through her merits and intercession I may deter my inclination to sin and vice and continue to follow on the road to perfection through  Christ, Our Lord. Amen.

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