Questions about the Martyrdom of Garcia Moreno answered by the Archbishop of Quito: Cardinal de la Torre, printed January 21, 1958.

1. What are the conditions that the Church demands to give a title of Martyr to a Christian hero?
The conditions canonical are:
- The victim accepted the real and voluntary death unless God did not prevent it miraculously.
- The tyrant or perpetrator of the death he had caused was unjustifiable.
- That the cause or motive of sacrifice of the victim is the hatred of God, of the Church, of the Catholic religion, of some Christian virtue, or the rights and prerogatives of the church.             

    2. Did the Church verify all of these conditions in the death of Garcia Moreno, the great President of Ecuador?
    Garcia Moreno knew very well that they [the enemies of the Church] tried to victimize him and he was preparing for his sacrifice…. (Quote of Garcia Moreno)" The enemies of God and the Church can kill me: but God does not die. I am going to be assassinated: I am going to be happy to die for the Holy Faith".

    3. Who Killed Garcia Moreno?
    There is no doubt that the lodges (Masonic) and the rest of the enemies of the church are at fault.
    4. Why did they assassinate him?
    They assassinated him because, in him, they saw the model of the Catholic Government.     

    5. How did they judge him, Pius IX, Leo XIII, the death of Garcia Moreno?
    Pius IX said, "Garcia Moreno has fallen under the steel (knife) of the assassin, victim of his faith and his Christian Charity. Leo XIII said, "He fell below the steel of the impious for the church.
    6. You want to say that Garcia Moreno did not have a fault or defect of something?
    No. Even the great Saints have their faults and for this thy make penitence.
    7. How can the martyrs wash away all of their sins?
    By the Shedding their blood for the love of God, they are perfectly purified, immediately rising to Paradise.
    8. Are there many that agree with Garcia Moreno and give reverence to him?
    All of the Catholic people, the best of Ecuador and all of the Catholic people outside of Ecuador that hold the true faith give reverence to Garcia Moreno.     

    9. Can you implore the divine favor and ask miracles for the intercession of Garcia Moreno, making devout use of his image or his relics?
    Yes, but only in private, and in the case to obtain favors; agree to inform with great detail to your authority or spiritual advisor of the Church, for finest results. This way you give to God glorification to his servants.
    P. Ricardo Vázquez S.J.
    For eighty years since his triumph (in martyrdom), the Pontificates since Pope Pius IX to Pope Pius XII have harmoniously agreed on the ruling of his death for his faith. The most eminent and knowledgeable historians, Cardinals, Bishops, and the hierarchy of the Church desired for the cause of Sainthood to be introduced. -- Sainthood for a Catholic Ruler who wiped out anarchy, misery and skepticism in Ecuador.

    Oh Sacred Heart of Jesus glorify the one who glorifies you.
    We give thanks for Your Intercession.

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