Have you seen the headlines today?  April 13, 2017.  The war drums are beating even louder than ever and sabers are rattling on Holy Thursday...

One of the headlines reads:

Large U.S. Military Convoy Seen Heading To New Base In Northern Syria

Official logo for Pope Francis' visit to Egypt:  "Pope of Peace in Egypt of Peace"

Where are we heading???  What does this all mean????

Well, have you ever wondered what the Book of Revelation is really about?  I have.  I had attempted on several occasions to try to read through it. Ended up reading quite a bit of it ,in fact ,but never fully understood it.  Now, with the help of Fr. Luigi Villa, some of the questions that I have had.. have now finally been answered. On this Holy Thursday, I wish to share this with all of you!  Click on this link and read  this new Chiesa viva: "The Apocalypse According to St. John": on what Fr. Villa believed would take place in the very near future.

Apocalypse of St John. English

Click here for:

Spanish Apocalypse

Italian Apocalypse